4 Alternative and Efficient Methods to Heat a Home

There are a large number of homes in North America that use a forced-air heating system. However, radiators and boilers are the most common alternatives.

There’s no question that boilers and furnaces are much more efficient than the older versions. In fact, the newest options have an AFUE that’s at least 90 percent. What this means is that 90 percent of all the fuel that’s used is actually converted into heat.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most efficient heating sources. Knowing what these are can help a person determine if they should be installed in their home.

1. Faux Fireplaces

There’s an alternative for heating a home that is not only efficient, but also aesthetically pleasing. There are a wide array of styles and sizes to choose from, allowing a person to find one that fits with their home perfectly.

One option of these fireplace options is Illusion fires. However, there are quite a few others to consider, as well.

2. A Geothermal Heat Pump

This type of heating source uses the consistent, underground temperatures to help and heat a home efficiently during the colder months of the year. Based on the location of the home, the temperature found underground is usually between 45- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

In many cases, geothermal heat pumps are more efficient than a typical air source heat pump, which is designed to warm the cold air from outside first. While the investment in this system is more than others, they can often last 25 years, or more.

3. Heating Oil

Many central home heating systems rely on natural gas. For rural areas, that don’t have much access to natural gas, furnaces and oil fired boilers are a smart alternative.

An oil furnace is a much more affordable option than natural-gas; however, the gas models are much more efficient. For example, a gas furnace has a 90 percent AFUE, while oil furnaces have one of 80 percent on average.

With oil, a person also has to keep a storage tank for the fuel onsite. This can be unappealing for some homeowners.

4. Pellet Stove

For many people, the pellet stove is the heating appliance of choice. This is because it offers a higher efficiency and is cleaner burning than other options.

Many of the units are even strong enough to heat up an entire home effectively. The pellets that provide this appliance its name is typically made out of a wood-based material that includes various organic materials, such as nut shells and corn husks.

According to experts, the pellet stove is one of the cleanest, solid fuel heating option available to purchase today. These are stoves that are also much easier to install than traditional wood-burning stoves or fireplaces.

Heating a Home: What’s the Right Option?

Being informed is the best way to ensure that the right heating option is selected for a person’s home and needs. With the options here, an efficient heating source can be found and used.

When it is time to heat a home efficiently, there are more than a few options to consider. Be sure to consider all the top options that are listed here as they can help ensure a home is properly heated and in an efficient manner.

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