5 Accessories That Can Make Gutter Maintenance (A Lot) Easier

To maintain your gutters throughout the years, you may need to make use of a few tools, to do it yourself, rather than call in a professional. So to make things easier for you I am going to be looking at 5 accessories you can go out and buy yourself.

1 – Gutter Cleaning Kit – Various Prices And From Various Stockists

Many gutter cleaning kits will come with different bits to it, you just need to find the one that is within your budget and has the items you would like. For this I am going to be looking at a kit that is on Amazon at £23. This kit does need you to go up the ladder as it is a handheld accessory.

It comprises of a grabber which is extendable to reach into the gutter to then pull the debris towards you, when it is close enough you use the second part; this is a scoop to collect it all in.

I found it very easy to use and cleaned a gutter in no time and with a lot less mess to, what we did like was that the scoop has a handle so you can hang it up when not using to either clear the gutter or when moving your ladder.

2 – Gardena Gutter Cleaner – From £25.99

This cleaner has an angled head so that you can easily reach it into the gutter to clean it. There is an extendable pole, which can be bought separately so that no ladder is needed. What makes this cleaner different is that on the ends of the head are two different utensils.One side has a plastic scraper whilst the other has hard, but good quality bristles.

The item was easy to use, and also great to be able to use both accessories to clean the gutter just by turning the handle. If using the extendable pole, you may need to have a bit of strength as after a short while it was beginning to tire the arms and shoulders.

3 – Karcher 2.642-240.0 Guttering And Pipe Cleaning Kit – 20m – From £89.00

Although on the top of the scale in price, this kit works really well and clean the pipes and the guttering, you will need to have a pressure washer to use it. What I loved about it that there was no ladder involved, in fact the kit almost does it itself. As the pressure from the water goes through the kit pipe it moves it along the gutters independently.

It comes with many different parts to ensure that the gutters and pipes are cleaned thoroughly and with little mess too.

4 – Karcher Cleaning Lance – From £29.99

This is an add onto the Karcher range, for the pressure washer. This is ideal if you do not want to spend money on a whole new kit but just want an attachment that you can make use of, for a cheaper price. it was very easy to attach it to  and I did not need to use a ladder. The hooked end of the lance was able to reach into the gutter and jet wash it clean. What I did find was that it was quite messy and needed to use the pressure washer to clean the side of the house.

5 – Hedgehog Gutter Guard – Various Prices depending on where you purchase from and the size.

This is a cheap way to ensure that your gutters keep clean and only need little maintenance to clear the top of them every so often. The item is made using brush filaments made from polypropylene which are attached to a steel wire. It was very easy to place into the gutter and the one we bought was easy to cut for the length we needed.

It is said to reduce the buildup of large items in the gutter system and that any larger items which do get caught in the brushes are quickly broken down, which then fall into the gutter in smaller pieces which the rain will wash away.

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