5 Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

Thieves and intruders are typically educated on traditional methods of home security. You may never have thought of the following five home security tips and the same can be said for most burglars.

Video Surveillance Sign

Installing video surveillance and a sign is a great deterrent for criminals. Many people may have alarms that can be deactivated by intruders; however, video surveillance is often controlled by off-site sources and can be viewed from any computer at any time. Even if you are unable to install the video cameras initially, placing a sign will still be helpful.

Talk Radio

You should make a habit of turning on a talk radio station at a loud level when you are not at home during the day. If any possible home invader approaches closely enough to a window or door, they will hear people talking. Even if they are able to decipher that it is talk radio, they will presume someone is home in the house.

Dog Bowls

Regardless of whether or not you have dogs or if you have small dogs, you should keep large dog bowls at your primary and secondary doorsteps. It might be additionally beneficial to write intimidating names on the bowls and perhaps large dog prints in the base of the bowl.

Strategic Shrubbery

Criminals know that basement and first floor windows are often the easiest points of entry. The simplest way to deter intruders from these spaces is to strategically place threatening shrubbery in these areas of weakness. You might choose a combination of plants with thorns and pricks as well as plants that induce rashes to the touch.

Door Handle Alarm

A relatively unknown alarm is one for your door handles. Amateur thieves will walk around the house and jiggle the door handles to see if any door happens to be open. Professional thieves may try to pick the locks of door handles. Either way, you will be protected. When someone attempts to jiggle the door handle, one of two scenarios will occur. Either an alarm will erupt throughout the house or the sounds of dark barking will permeate from the walls. Both types of alarms are available.

According to Los Angeles home security specialists, LifeShield, being clever in your home security is critical to the protection of your home. Using unconventional methods of home security are essential to protecting your home such as video surveillance signs, dog bowls, talk radio, shrubbery and door handle alarms. Outwitting potential intruders will make your home a safer place.

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