6 Recent Trends in Home Automation that You Should Know

Technology is advancing daily, always improving and promising to provide convenience and ease to the world. When we talk about recent trends in home automation, we are simply referring to the impact of technology on our homes and why we should take advantage of it. Below are 6 recent trends in home automation you should know:

Voice Control

There are different kinds of voice controllable products such as complete home automation systems, Xfinity home systems, thermostats, lights, and music systems. Thus, it is easy for you to develop your suitable voice-controllable products.

This means that at some point you will be managing some facets of your home by uttering your demands. Understanding and maximizing the opportunities inherent in voice control will help you to control the activities in your home anytime, and from anywhere.

Bigger Touch panels

For few years now, iPAD has become an awesome tool which homeowners use in managing and monitoring their smart devices. Thus, touch panels are surely making a huge impact as the most proficient home control dashboard.

The work of touch panels is multiple, they are exclusively designed for your own good; among other things they help in displaying the status of A/V equipment, thermostats, lights and lots more as well as commands these devices to work. Homeowners love using it, because with it, homeowners can have access to a wide range of information about their homes at a simple glance.

DIY Solutions from unlikely suspects

Buying a good home automation system is a good decision; also getting a professional to install it in your home would be a perfect solution. In fact, such action will guarantee you ultimate satisfaction than configuring and installing it by yourself or hiring a roadside installer to do so.

However, chances are there may come a time in your life when you would like to add one or two components to your home automation system, something like a new security sensor. If such is the case, feel free to go through some available consumer websites to see if they have additional DIY-friendly systems that will improve your well designed home automation system.

Sensor Technologies

There are many connected smoke alarm systems available; they can sense carbon monoxide levels and slow-burning fires. Some sensor technologies like Halo are connected to a weather radio, so they can alert you of unforeseen atmospheric conditions like tornado warnings, and hurricanes. Furthermore, we have other sensor technologies like smart showered like Hydrao, and automated air fresheners like Febreze Home etc.

Automated door locks

A good number of us are very familiar with how smart lighting, Wi-Fi thermostats, and security products works. A lot of people regard them as well-loved smart home technologies, due to their current technological advancements.

You will never regret having an automated door locks. With it, you can lock and unlock your door locks any time any day and from anywhere. The beauty of it is that you can automate everything happening in your home. You can schedule and monitor access of anyone coming or going out of your home without having to give the person a physical key to your home. Xfinity home system also helps you to achieve this.

Another awesome thing about this is that using a centralized system, you can automate all the lights in your home; you can turn it on or off with a mobile app or voice commands. Thus, when you are far away from home, you can be turning your lights on and off by touching the app at intervals, thereby making it look as if you are at home.

Controlled thermostat

A controlled smart thermostat can help you to control the humidity and temperature of your home through sensors in the thermostat. Some thermostats such as the ecobee3 come with any external sensors which can be used to regulate the humidity and temperature in your home. You can turn them on or off at intervals.


Understanding and making maximum use of these home automation systems will simplify your home in multiple ways you didn’t even realize you needed or wanted. Take advantage of these recent trends today and you will be happy you did.

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