7 Exterior Design Trends To Watch For In 2022

Exterior Design Trends

The pandemic has influenced trends, especially exterior design trends in 2022. This includes paint colors, lighting, windows, outdoor spaces, and the like. If you’re looking forward to redesigning or having a new home, here are some exterior designs you may want to consider:

Top 7 Exterior Design Trends To Watch For In 2022

Exterior Design Trends

1. Exterior Color Trends

Homeowners have their favorite colors when it comes to painting their homes. Similarly, you may want something that could give your properties some life and personality. Thus, you should consider these colors that are more likely to be popular in 2022. These colors include the organic combination of shades of walls, windows, roofs, and other exterior attributes of your home.

With such, below are some of the recommended colors for the coming year:

  • Gray: Even though this color elicits an impression of indifference, gray could still be the choice of many homeowners.
  • Brown: The exterior can look modest with this shade because brown gives a warm hue.
  • Green: With this color, you can make your house look remarkable, especially if you have a grassy lawn.

Whatever choice of color, you must let Nova Exteriors and other professionals near you paint your exteriors. This way, you can achieve the right shade you’re aiming for while making the paint last longer. Overall, exterior professionals can help your house look elegant as they know how to paint exteriors.

2. Wall Decorations

Exterior wall decorations should be your top option if you’re planning to fix up your terrace, balcony, or garden. You can come up with several arrangements by simply maximizing the heights of the walls. Do so by attaching some flowers and other plants to the wall.

Another way of maximizing the space of your wall is to hang shelves directly. However, this is only possible if the pot uses durable materials to hold the weight. It wouldn’t be feasible to hang a flowerpot that can’t hold extremely heavy soil.

If that’s the case, then consider mounting a free-standing shelf where you can arrange and display your flowerpots. This is quite a better solution since you can easily adjust them based on your preferences, prioritizing the latest trends on exterior designs in 2022.

On top of that, you can invest in specially fabricated pots and planters that you can hang on the railing of your balcony.

3. Exterior Lightning

If you want a contemporary design in 2022, you must add exterior lights to your outdoor space. Homes with open spaces can be maximized by integrating lighting in furniture.

You can also add intelligent lighting solutions to your patios, gardens, and terraces. You can use street lights that feature touch sensors. Another option is to use intelligent lamps with various illumination and intensity or you can install spotlights directly into the paths, floors, or stairs.

4. Window Trends

In 2022, having flashing and airy interiors is a trend. Hence, having more windows is going to be appealing, too.

When mounting more windows, see to it that they complement the original design of the house. If you can manage to respect the architecture of your home when mounting new windows, you can come up with a stylish and classic exterior design! What’s important is to let light and air into your home, which is the primary purpose of windows.

6. Indoor-Outdoor Living Area

Have a seamless indoor-outdoor living area. With such, you must first make a huge entryway. Having a small door on a big wall may not be ideal. Perhaps you can consider getting collapsible window walls and huge French doors, instead.

You also have to consider the decorations. Your goal is to utilize the spaces so that they can serve as an extension for one another. Thus, getting furniture of similar style, textures, patterns, and colors between indoor and outdoor spaces is vital.

You may want to partially cover the outdoor area, achieving a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. Moreover, doing so will bring shields against the rain and the heat of the sun. As such, extending the roof enough to cover the patio is one way to do this.

7. Outdoor Furniture

Part of your outdoor living area is to choose the most suitable furniture. Especially since these past months have drawn out the passion and interests of many people in the garden and outdoor furniture, you can use this newly-found passion to bring out your creativity. While doing this, consider the outdoor furniture trends in 2022.

These include rope-made furniture for your garden. Woven rope furniture is ancient, but it can surely attract attention once used as your exterior design. Moreover, the material is flexible as it combines comfort and strength.

Another is furniture made of recycled materials. This is one of the common trends that results from the pandemic—choosing sustainable garden furniture.


With the trends above, you’ll indeed have a newly designed exterior that most people prefer. This could help if you plan to sell your property as homes in the trends are more sellable. But if you won’t sell it, then using the exterior trends will make your home more appealing to live in.

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