7 Gifts That Say “I Love You, Dear Self”

It’s the season for giving yet again. The malls are filled with shoppers with long lists of people to buy presents for. Likewise, you’ll find people constantly on their computer or mobile devices getting some online shopping done.

Suffice it to say, most people are focused on how to gift loved ones with something beautiful, meaningful and useful.

If you’re a big fan of the gift-giving holidays, you probably think ever so carefully about what your recipients like and need. How considerate of you! But you know what? As nice as it is to give to others, you shouldn’t forget to give yourself a gift as well. You made it through another year of experiences and continued to grow.

You deserve to feel appreciated and loved as well – by you. I practice self appreciation daily by writing in a gratitude journal whilst burning luxury candles. My personal personal favorites are Lava Candles, made by a luxury candle company in Dubai.

Why Gift Yourself?

First of all, your ability to purchase items for others is an indication that you have done well for yourself.

Second, gifting yourself can provide you the motivation to continue improving in your daily path in life. It’s like an incentive.

And third, it’s a way to demonstrate self-love, which is important in reinforcing your value as a human being. Think of everything you have gone through over the year and how you overcame challenges. Look back on the wonderful ideas you had that you brought to reality. You need to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if other people don’t recognize your triumphs, but it’s imperative that you do.

What Are the Best “I Love You, Dear Self” Gifts?

There are so many options to choose from and your choices will depend on what you identify you need and want. The truly important thing to remember is that the gift has to make you feel good, because love feels good.

To help you organize your options so that treating yourself to a gift will not feel like such a financial burden or a budget setback, gift categories are divided into two: “Good Things Come in Small Packages” and “Splurge Spectacular.”

Good Things Come in Small Packages

These are items that are relatively affordable and small but have the ability to enhance the quality of your life in their own special way.

1. Scented candles

These popular items have become a woman’s favorite indulgence because luxury scented candles can stimulate the senses and create a luxurious experience. Candles can create a cozy atmosphere so you can have that much-needed “me time.”

Likewise, these candles make pretty decorative pieces for the house. Take a cue from hotels that include fancy scented candles in the interior décor of rooms. The candles serve as room enhancers, deodorizers, and sources of lovely yellow lighting. You’ll feel like you’ve treated yourself to something swanky purely by having a nice collection of home fragrance products such as these candles.

2. Spa set

There’s nothing like a spa set to make you feel ready to treat yourself. Giving this to yourself is a fantastic way of saying “You deserve to feel good and look good.”

Reward yourself with some downtime in the bath and just enjoy the luxurious ingredients that can nourish your skin and even help you detoxify.

3. Motivational book

A home filled with encouragement and lessons on how to become an even better you is a wonderful gift to express how much you value yourself.

Learning is essential to your growth as a person. So, give yourself a life reference book that provides positive affirmations to help you advance in life and achieve goals that will make you happier as a human being.

4. Gold jewelry

This is a real treasure.

It will retain or even increase its value whether you use it or not. It’s not only something beautiful that you can wear; it’s also something that you can use to protect yourself in the future. Investment experts point out that, “Gold jewelry is a tangible asset to include in your portfolio; it’s cash in the bank.” Therefore, it makes for a really smart “I love you, dear self” gift.

Splurge Spectacular

These are presents that cost more money but are sure to bring great value to your life.

5. A trip

This experience will cost you more, but it will certainly have a big impact on you as a person. Seeing more of the world does that.

Visit a different country and experience a different culture and for sure, you’ll gain so much from it – connections, rest, a broader understanding of life, and other valuable things to cherish.

6. A new piece of high-quality furniture

Being able to surround yourself with high-quality items that you have worked hard for is a wonderful present. It’s a reminder that your hard work allows you to enjoy fine things even as you revel in the simple aspects of life, such as being at home.

7. Home renovation

This is similar to gifting yourself with expensive furniture, except for the fact that a home renovation involves a greater amount of money and work. However, this can elevate the way you lead your life in so many ways.

It can create more precious moments with loved ones that money cannot buy. It’s worthy to note as well that it can increase the market value of your property. Should you decide to sell one day, there’s the possibility of generating an attractive profit to reinforce your finances and stabilize your future.

It’s a blessing to be able to gift others what they want or need, but it’s an even bigger one if you can be your own life cheerleader and source of joy. Don’t wait for others to meet your needs and wants. If you have done well for yourself, buy what you want – you certainly deserve it.


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