7 helpful things to consider when adding a new garage

Are you planning for a garage addition in your home? Garage addition can add property value, create more space and make your property more appealing. It is therefore important to have a clear plan for how the addition will be carried out. A garage is a storage space that is so much more than just your car.

It can be used to store other tools and equipment in your home. It is a fact that many homeowners who do not have a garage in their home suffer from inadequate storage space. A garage is highly important for people living in areas that experience winter and super-hot summers. Packing your vehicle outside can cause unprecedented damage. However, with a garage, you save a lot of time and money.

The trend in the construction of garages is that more space to accommodate more vehicles and other tools is needed. In present times, the garage design has become a significant factor in home design and almost every homeowner wants to have either an attached or detached garage.

To construct a greater garage does not cost too much, however, many homeowners tend to have fully constructed garages as they try to keep the cost to the lowest amount possible. The result is a garage that has a significant difference from the appeal of your own house. When planning an addition, some factors will need to be taken care of.

What are your needs?

When settling for a new garage addition, one of the primary factors you need to consider is the amount of space needed to build the garage. Also, you need to consider factors such as the space required to access your garages such as the driveway and the walkways.

Once you have determined that there is sufficient space for construction of the garage and the additional driveway or walkway space, then you’ll be on your path to the development of a great garage. Another factor you need to consider whenever meeting your needs is the purposes of the garage. What will you be storing in this garage? Once you answer this question, you will have a clear picture of how the garage will look like.

Under this question, some of the things you will need to consider include the number of cars, and the layout needed. It is also important to consider whether the garage will be used as an additional storage space for other tools around your home.

Detached or attached garage?

As a homeowner, you need to decide on the garage you need. Do you want a stand-alone or one attached to your house? Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. When you attach a garage to your house, it will be convenient for you to get out of the house and into your car especially during bad weather.

However, such kind of garage might and have a lot in terms of logistics. Before constructing an attached garage, you might want to consult a structural engineer to verify all the parameters and permits are perfect. For a detached garage, you need to figure out a space on your property where it will be built on. It will also be important to ensure that you have the necessary permits before construction.

The location of the garage

A garage addition will have a significant impact on the appeal of your home. You, therefore, need to keep it in mind that the garage addition will not interfere with the aesthetics of your home. Sometimes, the most economical option might not be the best for the appeal. A great decision would be to design your garage in such a way that is not looking towards the street. Still under this consideration, one will need to look into the orientation of the shed. Do you want your garage to look like an extension of your house or to stand out as a garage? If you want it to be part of your home, then you must settle on siding and materials that will match your home.

Workshop space

If you have many tools in your garage, then you need to have sufficient space inside the garage. You’ll also need other components of a great garage such as a workbench and cabinets. A well-organized workspace will ensure that all your tools can be accessed easily.


The cost involved in the construction of a garage addition to your home will determine the type of garage you will have. Although many people compromise the quality of the garage by going for the minimum cost, it is important to ensure that every important component of a garage offers the best value for money. Some of the items that need to be considered when determining the cost of a garage addition include electrical work, windows, insulation, framing, doors, roofing, siding, and foundation work. Although these are not the only costs that will be involved in the construction of your garage addition, they are some of the most basic for any garage.

Single or double car garage

When building your car garage, it is important to consider the number of cars that will be held inside. If it is for just one car, 14 feet by 20 feet addition will be good enough. For two vehicles 20 feet by 24 feet will be sufficient. The choice of either a single or double car will also be highly dependent on the space available. If there is ample space, then you can as well construct a large garage that will take care of the future increase in the number of cars in the homestead.

The driveway

When building an attached garage, your existing driveway might be sufficient for your needs. However, for a stand-alone garage, you might consider widening the driveway from the garage door to the street. Obstacles such as trees and walls may need to be cleared up to 14 feet wide.

For the best garage addition in your home, one needs to work with a credible company or professionals who will ensure that they take into considerations all the above factors before construction work begins. https://shedquotes.com.au is one of the companies that will offer the best garage edition construction services.

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