7 Hidden Storage Ideas For Kitchen

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As a heart of every home, kitchens evoke a wave of unequivocal optimism and we all, look up to what’s brewing inside. Beyond living rooms and bathrooms, contemporary interior décor ideas have commenced into the kitchens and the results are awe-inspiring. The idea of driving smart kitchens is to accommodate more functionality in lesser available space, without creating a mess.

Henceforth, deploying RTA kitchen cabinets to make use of the tiniest space available is what modern-day designs darn to achieve. Since smart kitchens have been around for decades, the latest trends take a step forward towards making elegant and intelligent kitchen areas.

Here’s a quick run through the 7 great hacks to use hidden spaces in the kitchen.

The Toe Kick Drawers

The space at the bottom of your cabinet that strikes the toe (hence the name) can be utilized for a sleek drawer. This could be used to store plates, shallow pots, pans, etc.  While ignored in traditional designs, toe kick areas were hugely unconsumed and thus got accumulated with dirt.

Cut to contemporary styles, thin, push-to-open drawer slides can be installed without letting its scratch the surface. Since these drawers aren’t actually visible until you know it’s there, toe kick drawers are a great hidden kitchen storage hack. For compact kitchens, larger toe kick drawers could be used to accommodate more utensils.

The Inside of Cabinet Door

How about turning your cabinet doors into storage? Although sounds a simple solution, this hasn’t been implemented extensively. Yet, using the inside space of your cabinet door makes for an effective storage area. All you need to do is add cork to the door and hang knives, spoons, etc. Or Door Mount Spice Rack is also a great addition. Since the available space doesn’t fit for bigger items, you could also install a sleek pouch and store miscellaneous small sized items.

Pull-out Garbage and Recycling Bins

One of the most unaddressed issues in a kitchen storage design is the lack of optimal space for a garbage bin. Although simply placing a bin basket beneath the shelf is a widely common technique, the unbearable garbage odor calls for an alternative storage hack and we have discovered one.

Look beyond the spaces under the sink or free standing binds at random spots. Pull out bins placed in a cabinet appear to be an effective solution. Not only is the access is easier and instant but the installation is equally simple. Use pull out slides & a door kit to build a slide out garbage bin.

Tip: If you speculate worse odor in a closed container, apply some baking soda to the boundary of the bin to help with the absorption.

The Tip-Out Tray for the Sink

In traditional styles, kitchen sinks have drawer panels that hardly serve any productive purpose. This is because of the sink bowl that occupied the space, leaving negligible room for the drawer to slide in and out. As a brilliant alternative, a tip-out tray can be used.

The drawer can store accessories related to dishwashing such as sponges, scrubbers, etc, that otherwise, create a mess on the side surface of the sink. To build one at the home, use glue to apply on the drawer panel or check out here. As a great kitchen hidden storage hack, this cleans out the messiest part.

Hidden Counter Space for Paper Towels

Paper towels are one of the most overlooked kitchen accessories and never earned a dedicated storage space. However, if approached smartly, hidden storage in the kitchen, over and around the counters could be revamped to install paper towel holders. For instance, vacant space between the two drawers below the counter can easily accommodate a medium sized horizontal holder.

The Quick Food Disposal

The leftovers from chopped vegetables and other unused food items accumulate at the shelf and need manual disposing.  Cutting down on the tedious task, this brilliant hack has an opening on the chopping board (top of the drawer). As soon as you finish chopping the vegetables, simply swipe the leftovers to the hole that further contains them in the trash pullout below.

The Rolling Storage

Just adjacent to the fridge on either side, a rolling cabinet consisting of a stack of shelves can help store jars, spices, canned goods, etc. Designed for compact kitchens, this delivers the look of wall storage. This way, you get a quick access to Not just this eliminates the need to build an additional storage unit but also leaves sufficient room for customization as the storage is easily movable.

Home improvement has a simple principle – live with what you love and love every corner of it. Enable kitchens to function coherently and seek remarkable returns.

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