8 Signs It’s Time to Repair Concrete

Time to Repair Concrete

They say that the groundwork and foundation of anything is the most important part as it determines the durability and framework of the things. The same is the case with the buildings. Concrete is one of the most important and common materials used in construction. A lot of people perceive concrete as cement but that wrong. Cement is just a part of concrete. Concrete is basically made up of 3 things and sand, cement and water. In this compound water act a solute and cement act as a binding bridge between sand and water. The better the concrete the stronger your buildings are.

Concrete can be used in a lot of ways during construction. It is used in beams, foundation and in everything that bears the loads. There are proportions in which the concretes are prepared. These proportions are made as per the requirement and needs of the construction. A desirable concrete should be workable, resistant to freezing and thaw and should be economical. Economical concrete does not mean the low-quality concrete it means the proportion of that concrete should be just as needed, neither less cement nor more just the perfect amount. There is a certain age of everything, after which its efficacy starts to decrease. So that is the age of that material. Similarly even concrete has a certain age after which it should be repaired.

So following are the ways in which you will know that this is time to change your concrete:


Cracks, the word itself determines the problem. Cracks found anywhere are problematic. Be it found on your skin or your walls. The reason for the cracks on your wall can be the contraction and expansion of the material inside the walls. The sand in the concrete can be the reason for your cracks. This contraction and expansion of material happen with the change in weather. So when the cracks appear on your wall is a sign that you need to get it to repair.

Rough Appearance

The appearance of anything can determine a lot about its health. When you do not feel good you face appears dull no matter how much you try to hide it, it is visible. The same is the case for concrete. Crumbling or breaking of your wall or floors is the sign that your concrete needs repair. This breaking and crumbling can be because of a lot of things and can be harmful to your health. So don’t procrastinate and repair your concrete as soon as possible.

Standing water

Water collecting and standing on your concrete can be a red flag for your concretes. In this way, the water does neither absorb nor drains. This is a sign to repair your concrete as soon as you can. Cause it can be dangerous to the people living there.


Unwanted and unexplained gaps in the caulking of your windows are not just a sign it is a warning. It is a warning that the concrete needs to be repaired and if not it can be dangerous and even fatal for the people living in these buildings or houses.

Sticking of doors

If your door does not open or close well then there is definitely a problem in the foundation of your house. It means that the ground on which your door is made is not level. Get it checked with an expert as soon as possible and get it repaired if needed.

Bowed basement walls

Our basement walls are always covered with either our cartons or boxes full of stuff. So we do not notice the walls of our basements. Take some time out of your busy schedule and observe the walls of your basements. If they are bowed get your concrete repair.

Saggy floors

Saggy and Dipping floors are not just a sign but also hazardous if you have children and elderly people in your house. The saggy floors can be made them fall and they can be injured. So saggy floors are not just a just but a big NO. Nothing matters more than health and if something can be harmful to the health of the people it should be fixed and repaired.

Falling Cabinets

The kitchen or garage cabinets are one of the essential parts of our houses. They store and carry a lot of stuff. Despite them being heavy with the things inside it. They never fall or separate from the walls but if they did it could be because of 2 things. One of them is the attachment method used to attach them to the wall was weak or it could be because your concrete needs a repair. Get it checked and if it is your concrete that needs to be fixed, get it fixed as rapidly as possible.


The above mentioned are the reason and sign which can make you consult an expert and start the process of repairing your concrete. Repairing the concretes can be a long process so when you start it be patient and meanwhile try going on a vacation or try to get them fixed when you have an off from your work. It can be hectic and expensive but it is something that should be done. As mentioned above that it could be injurious to health and can be harmful in so many ways. So be patient and get it fixed.

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