What is a Picket Fence?

picket fencing

There are so many choices in fencing materials these days. One of the classic and most endearing, however, is the picket fence. These types of fences are particularly popular in England and the United States. Here is some information on picket fences and how you can have this charming fence in your own yard.

All About Picket Fencing

White Picket Fence

The white picket fence is the quintessential picture of country charm. Many people love this fencing look, but feel that it is impractical or difficult to maintain. If a picket fence is constructed properly, it is a simple and enduring home improvement project. It can also add a significant amount of value to your home for a minimum investment.

Traditionally the picket fence is made from wood and then stained or painted to match a home’s decor. If maintaining wood is too time consuming for you, and you prefer a more maintenance free option you can choose a synthetic material.

These choices come in several colors and are relatively easy to install. You can also get the home improvement store where you purchased it to install it for you. Keep in mind that this option is going to be more expensive than wood, so count the cost before you decide to invest.

Wooden Picket Fence

A wooden picket fence can be purchased already assembled in sections or you can make your own. If you choose the pre-assembled choice, you can once again have the home improvement store install it for you. If you make it yourself though, you can save a considerable amount of cash.

A wooden picket fence is easily constructed. You will want to measure your yard to determine how much wood you will need. Then mark the places where you will place the posts. You will want to bury the posts fairly deep and if your soil is soft, it is advisable to use a stabilizing agent such as concrete.

You want the top of the posts to come up a little higher than the rest of the fence, but not significantly. Once the posts are in the ground it is best to wait a few days before installing the rest of the fence to let the soil and concrete settle.

Pickets and the Nails

To construct the fence sections you will need two support beams and the actual pickets as well as the nails you will use to hold it all together. Decide how far apart you want each of the pickets and mark it with a pencil on both support beams. Make sure the supports are level and even so your picket fence is not crooked.

Then, simply nail the boards in place. Make sure you leave enough room on both ends to attach the section to the posts. Then you simply make enough sections to complete your entire picket fence.

When you are making the gate you will build it pretty much just like the other sections of your picket fence. You should, however, add a cross beam for support since it will take more use and stress. There are a variety of hinges and handles that you can purchase at any home improvement store to complete your desired look.

As you can see, a charming picket fence can be a wonderful addition to your home. It is a relatively easy home improvement project that anyone can accomplish as long as you do adequate planning and preparation.

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