Green Is In: Why Adding Greenery to Your Space Matters

If you look at magazines focused on interior design in Los Angeles, a large number of the photos you see will include greenery in the design. They are simply a staple of many homes today, and it is for more than the fact that they make great accessories. Keeping plants in your home can have some great benefits, all of which you should learn and integrate for the best results.

Healthy Side Effects

Plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and other nasty pollutants that often occupy our spaces. This includes volatile organic compounds found in so many things like grocery bags, cigarette smoke and vinyl. This means that plants are actively purifying the air in your home, all day long. Some studies even show that plants can impact recovery time for some health conditions and sharpen your focus.

Reduce the Noise

Strategically placed plants can actually act as noise dampeners throughout your home. The shapes of plants are ideal for absorbing that noise, or bouncing it back and away from them. It won’t come near to sound-proofing a room, but it can have a great impact on noise level.

Conquer Stress

The human mind is hard-wired to love the look of plants. Every time you are surrounded by luscious greens and flowers, it signals to your brain that there is life-giving water sources nearby, and that there may be an edible food source as well. While these things are subconscious, they still reduce stress levels and contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere.

Make a Statement

One of the greatest things about greenery in your home is that it makes such a statement. Include greenery in your spaces because it just looks great. When done properly, it can add interest, bring color and help the room look and feel cleaner.

Using plants throughout your home can really have a dramatic impact. If you want to use plants in your spaces but are unsure of where to start, interior design firms in Santa Monica are a great resource.

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