6 Top Advantages of Hiring a Professional Construction Company

Are you wondering who to approach about managing your construction project?   Are you wanting to get the ball rolling with your renovation, but you’re not sure who you can trust to make sure the project goes smoothly and to plan? Still debating whether to hire a construction company to oversee the whole job, or whether to risk DIYing some parts of it? 

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If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above, you’re not alone.  There are many homeowners who are in your boat right now.  Who is the best construction company in North London, and what are the benefits of hiring a good construction company?

Undertaking a major renovation project is no mean feat.  For the average homeowner it involves substantial financial investment and it can be highly stressful.  Today we’re going to talk about the advantages of hiring a construction company in North London, and how a professional team can help you achieve your dream home on time, in budget and with minimal disruption to your family life.

So, why should you hire a professional home builder in North London for your project?  Let’s have a look:

6 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Construction Company

1. Access to Professional Services 

We’re talking about your own home: it’s the place you love best, so you want the job done to perfection, and that takes professional skills and services. 

A good construction company offers top-notch service at every level and can guarantee the quality of their workmanship.  Where it is necessary to employ other trades, your team has a pool of resources available to them, to ensure that your project meets (and goes beyond) your expectations.

2. Less Stress

We’re not going to pretend that renovating isn’t stressful, especially if you’re living in the property during the renovation.  Dirt; dust; noise; inconvenience… it’s all part of the renovation experience, but a good home builder in North London knows how to approach and manage your project so as to minimize the disruption and make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

3. Peace of Mind about Project Completion

There’s nothing worse than a half-finished renovation project.  A good construction company is one that has a reputation and track record for completing projects, on time and within budget.

In the all-too-common instance of delays with supplies, your building team can deal with these issues for you, allowing you to remain focused on your family and business life.

Take time to research different construction companies: online reviews and ratings are an excellent tool, as well as good old-fashioned word-of-mouth!  Talk to family and friends who have successfully completed building projects, and find out who they used to complete their renovations, and their experiences.  

4. Accurate Pricing

Being able to accurately forecast the cost of your project is super important, and this is just another way that a good construction company in North London can help you.

In the early stages, your home builder should be able to give you accurate estimates on cost and timeframe.  Tools such as this Building Cost Calculator offer accurate and up-to-date pricing which is invaluable when setting your budget.

A construction company who is worth their salt will provide you with a detailed, written quotation which clearly sets out each stage of the project and the relevant costs.  Builders who work on ballpark or ‘approximate’ figures are just a budget blow-out waiting to happen…

5. Eye for Detail

There’s no substitute for experience and the keen eye of a professional when it comes to delivering on the detail of your renovation.  

A competent and qualified team will be able to identify and resolve issues as soon as (or even before) they become apparent, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and to plan.  

6. Maintenance and Customer Service

A professional company offers warranties on products and services, which, even though it may seem unnecessary when everything is shiny and new, may save you thousands of pounds in years to come.

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 And it’s also about peace of mind – you can sleep easy, knowing that you have that cover if anything does go wrong.

So, Should Price be the Deciding Factor?  

Definitely not!  When deciding who is the best construction company in North London for your project, price should not be the only consideration.  While the damage to your back pocket is an important factor, it pays to remember that like any service or product, you’ll get what you pay for.

Let’s face it: 

Quality renovations don’t come cheap: if you want a home that’s functional, beautiful and well built, it’ll involve some serious investment, but believe us when we say it’ll be worth every pound that you spend.

Want to know more about what a professional home renovation team looks like?  Get in touch with the team at Combit Constructions today on 02084572772 for a chat!  We have everything it takes to turn your renovation dreams into a reality!