Best Location for Air Purifier in Bedroom

Air Purifier in Bedroom

Finally! You have bought an air purifier for yourself and your family. We hope our bog about air purifier helped you in some way. But after deciding the room you are unfortunately confused where to place it in your bedroom and asking yourself the Question what is the best location for an air purifier in my bedroom.Well, no need to worry we are here to guide you step by step.

First, let me congratulate you because this might be the best home improvement decision that you have made, as it is not only going to look great in your bedroom but also trap harmful particles. e.g Dust, mycotoxins, pet dander and dust.

Now you want to place your air purifier from where you can get the most out of it Right?. We have made some points if you follow them you should be good to go.

Steps to decide the best location

Detailed steps are following but if you’re like me and don’t want to read a 1000 word article here is an short and quick answer for you

Place your air purifier in middle of the room or where the odor is felt make sure the air purifier has a space to breathe from all sides as an air purifier sucks air from your surrounding and clean it. Make sure it is near a electric port as you have bought an electric air purifier and you have to connect it. Try not to place it near bed cause you don’t want to hear “ harrr harr harrr “ when you are sleeping.

Let the air purifier Breathe

Most people get their first air purifier for their dorm room or their bedroom and just stick it to the corner. No, you don’t want to do that as most of the harmful airborne particles are not hiding in the corner like a mosquito. They are usually found in the center of your room, so it is better to place your air purifier in the center of the room. If you are living in a small space, you can put it in the corner but make sure the suction intake has some space to suck air in.

Distance from your bed

The distance of your air purifier from your bed should be at least 5 feet. I know it sounds a little too much but let me explain why. It is because an air purifieris an electric device, and it will make a little noise. Most of the new model air purifiers make less than 30db sound, but still, you do not want to hear an irritating sound while sleeping. One more reason for me was that I don’t want to see an air purifier every time I turn around while sleeping.

Place it near electric outlet

As I said earlier air purifier is an electric device, and it obviously needs power. Placing it near an electric outlet will put your life at ease because you will not have to get an extension wire for connecting your air purifier. 

Keeping it away from other devices

Keeping it away from other devices and furniture will help the flow of fresh. If you place it in between other devices or furniture, the fresh air will not reach you directly, and that is not what you want. Sticking it In the corner will also interrupt the working of the air purifier; the air purifier won’t be able to do air scrubbing properly.

Vent facing you

you paid full for the air purifier, right? Now you want to take the great output of that air purifier. No, I am not talking about Turing it on and off for fun. Make sure its output vent is facing you directly as you want to breathe the fresh air right away. I suggest you place it 5 feet away from your bed and Face it directly to you.

Benefits of an air purifier

  • Healthy lungs
  • Less sinus problems
  • Fewer allergies
  • Reduce pollen and odors
  • Fresh air regularly
  • Improve sleep quality
  • No more running nose or watery eyes in the morning
  • Clean home environment for family members with respiratory problems
  • Cleaner air for pets
  • Cleaner home environment, so you can feel more at ease with guests.

Disadvantages of an air purifier are

  • Not very cost effective
  • Large room sizes needed for best results
  • Lack of filters means difficult cleaning
  • Smaller particles not filtered out effectively
  • Filter housing can be expensive to replace
  • May need frequent replacement of filter media
  • VOC levels in a room can be reduced but not eliminated
  • Air purifiers work best when central AC systems are on
  • Can collect too much dust and dirt over time


The first step was buying an air purifier. Now, after reading this article, you are done setting it up too. As I wrote in the article, an air purifier is a must-have device nowadays, especially in this age of pandemic. We hope you breathe fresh with your new air purifiers. If any filter replacement issue arises no need to worry filter replacements are widely available on amazon

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