Amazing Tips To Clean a Cooker

Tips To Clean a Cooker

For those whose most of the time spent in kitchen, cleaning cooker is the least favorite job for them. However, to avoid the major clean every so often, it is important to wipe up any spills and splashes as they appear. For effective cleaning, you have to keep certain key points in mind.

For Regular Maintenance

Here are some useful tips that will help you with the regular maintenance of your cleaning work. Don’t forget though, that sometimes it can help to bring in the professionals such as Oven Cleaning Birmingham.

Gas Cookers

For gas cookers, it is essential to remove the metal burners regularly and wash them in hot diluted washing up liquid solution. To remove the burned food on the top of the cooker, make use of a cream cleaner.

Electric Cookers

For electric cookers, you have to read the manufacturer’s instruction thoroughly before starting up the cleaning work.

  • First, take the power cable off from the wall out outlet.
  • Make use of wire brush to work on the solid electric hot plates.
  • Take the drip pans away from under the rings and soak them in soapy water for some time before scrubbing them with a steel pad.
  • Use a damp cloth and a proprietary cleaner to wipe off the ceramic and metal cooker tops.


Starting from removing the racks and wash them in soapy water.

It is necessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before cleaning ovens. This is a vital step as ordinary cleaning products can damage the oven lining.

So, read the instructions and follow them strictly. Mostly you need a branded cleaner to clean the oven. Make sure that you wear gloves and protect the floor with newspaper covering, as these solutions contain sodium hydroxide, which can burn the skin and spoil the floor and paint work.

To get better results, preheat the oven to 110°C (225°F, gas mark 1/4) and spray oven cleaner inside the oven. Wait for 15 minutes, switch off the power and wipe the oven walls with a damp cloth. You need to do it very carefully as oven is hot and may burn your hands.
Cast Iron Cooker (Aga)

You can clean them with the help of stiff wire brush. Brush off the hot plates with stiff brush carefully. Use a damp soapy cloth to clean the vitreous enamel top and sides. Later, dry it.

Sinks and Drainage Areas

Sink and drainage areas can be cleaned by number of different ways.

Use a damp cloth soaked in bicarbonate of soda or a cream cleaner to remove the excess synthetic resin.

Use specialized cleaner or a cream to clean the porcelain.

For stainless steel, you can use diluted dishwashing solution. Water stains and smears can effectively be removed with the help of a proprietary cleaner and polish with a kitchen towel. To keep the finish of the stainless steel intact, it is recommended not to use chemical cleaners on stainless steel.

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