Antique Wall Clock Ideas for Small Rooms

What’s New and Where to Find it!

The phrase antique wall clock reproduction refers equally to high-quality copies of antique clocks which are ‘aged’ and made to look like authentic antiques and to cheap, factory- produced copies of antique wall clock styles.

In this article I’m going to tell you where you can go online to buy some really beautiful and authentic antique wall clock reproductions which would bring a real sense of elegance and tradition to any home.

The Clock Depot has a wide range of authentic looking wall clocks and here are two of my favorites:

The Howard Miller Rosario is a dramatic 37″ antique wall clock reproduction with an attractive leaf and rope decoration around the outer rim of the clock frame.

It looks as if it has been carefully carved by a skilled craftsman and this shows the skill of reproduction clock-making.

The inner ring is finished in ‘old’ gold.

The dial is wrought-iron lacework and features ‘old’ gold Roman numerals over a white background.

The diamond-shaped hands and the numerals are also finished in ‘old’ gold.

The frame has an ‘aged’ black satin finish with antique gold touches.

Despite its antique look this clock is made from resin which means that it is light and easy to hang.

It measures dia. 37″ D. 3″. This is a clock with a lot of character and style, which would look good in a traditionally masculine study or the library of a large house. The price is 364 dollars.

My next choice of antique wall clock reproductions is something totally feminine and pretty.

It is the Howard Miller Savannah Botanical Society VI and it was chosen for modern reproduction as a tribute to the Savannah Botanical Society, which was founded in 1913 by a small group of plantation owner’s wives.

It has a very pretty antiqued white dial on which there are hand-painted red and yellow roses.

The hands are antique black and it has a 5″ swinging antiqued pendulum.

The diameter of this ‘homey’ looking antique wall clock reproduction is 13″.

This is a sweetly feminine and delicate-looking clock which would look super in a traditional flowers and chintz setting, either in a kitchen, a parlor or a bedroom. You can buy it for 83.97 at the Clock Depot.

My third choice comes from an online store called Expressions of Time and it is an Italian Bistro antique wall clock reproduction that would add so much character and interest to any kitchen.

It is made up of a painted wooden board with a clock set into the wood at the top.

There is a hand-painted scene of fishing boats on the board and the words, ‘Ristorante Pescatore’ also hand-painted above the boats.

This antique wall clock reproduction has an ‘aged’ white dial with Roman numerals and is finished in hand-aged brass.

The whole thing is 15″H x 16″W and the background color of the wood surround is a subtle green.

If you love to cook pasta and want to add a European flavor to your kitchen then this is the clock for you.

It can be bought from this store for 47.99 dollars.

My final choice of antique wall clock reproductions combines the old and the new perfectly to give a very accurate but traditional looking clock.

It’s a radio-controlled Schoolhouse Regulator decorative wall clock. It’s a handsome-looking clock with an oak-finished alder wood case and a moving pendulum.

The octagonal outer case surrounds the white dial and there’s a glass cover over the dial.

Its dimensions are 21″ x 13.5″ x 3.75″ and the wood is a lovely rich honey shade.

This clock is not ‘aged’ or ‘antiqued’.

You can buy it online for 80 dollars. I think this is a very versatile style and color which would match most types of d├ęcor and look well in a hallway or in a living room.

I’ve really enjoyed visiting the stores that produce the very best type of antique wall clock reproductions and I hope I’ve inspired you to take a virtual stroll through the internet shopping mall, too.

There’s so much to see!

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