5 Appliances You Need for Your Next Remodel

Kitchen remodels are one of the biggest upgrades homeowners can do. They are also ones that add value to your home and give your home one of the biggest returns on investments.

Homeowners are always on the lookout for up and coming trends to update and renovate their favorite living spaces. Here are five must have appliances that will help make your home modern and tech savvy.

5 Appliances You Need for Your Next Remodel

1. Smart Refrigerators

Forget the days of manually writing out grocery lists and carefully bringing them to the store. With the Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge, you can create shopping lists and send them to your phone, all while seeing inside your fridge using the built-in cameras.

You no longer have to scrounge for magnets to hang important family memos or events. Instead, you can sync calendars, photos and notes directly to the fridge for the whole family to see.

The advanced voice-activated features make it simple to stream music, videos and watch TV from the Family-Hub system. This refrigerator is a must for the modern family!

2. Wi-Fi Operated Appliances

Think of the last time you were running late coming home from work, knowing if only you could magically preheat the oven then you could have a head start on dinner.

GE’s wall and free-standing oven units are now equipped with Wi-Fi technology that allows you to preheat the oven on the way home from work, adjust the temperature if your dinner guests are running late, or set timers all from your phone using the GE Kitchen app. 

You can also get Geneva, the voice-controlled assistant for GE’s Wi-Fi Connect appliances, allowing you to check remaining cook times and get notifications even when you’re in the other room!

3. Washer & Dryer Combo

“Nothing is worse than having to re-wash a load of dirty laundry because you forgot to transfer all the clothes over to the dryer”, says Dennis Haws, owner of All Star Construction.

Whirlpool has made this process immensely easier with their Smart All-In-One Washer and Dryer Combo which can be remotely controlled using the mobile app.

You no longer have to lug laundry from one appliance to another, but you can simply change the setting while you’re out running errands. Laundry can finally be an enjoyable experience!

4. Three-rack Dishwashers

After having guests over, the dishwasher never seems large enough to hold the heap of dirty dishes cluttering the sink. Kenmore’s TurboZone dishwasher comes specially equipped with a removable third rack, increasing your loading area by 37%.

This system also comes with 360° Power Wash Technology that cleans those hard-to-reach areas and does so at 44dBA, so it is an incredibly quiet dishwasher. The Kenmore system also comes in stainless steel or matte black finishes, which can take your kitchen to a new level of modern sophistication.

5. Steam Ovens

For all you health gurus, roasting vegetables in the microwave or oven can sometimes seem trivial seeing as it strips away much of the food’s nutrients in the heating process and can take a lot longer.

The Wolf Convection Steam oven uses digital technology to determine the size and weight of the food and adjusts its settings accordingly.

You can choose to set the oven to steam only, convection only, or a combination of both in order to cook or reheat your food in a nutritionally conscious and time efficient manner. Your leftovers will come out so fresh you won’t even know they’re leftovers!

Gone are the days of having only a refrigerator, stove, and sink in your kitchen. With new technology on the rise, kitchens are becoming a place to cook, relax, and entertain. Make your kitchen the envy of all your family, friends, and neighbors!

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