What is Architecture Interior Design and Why Does It Matter?

Building a new house and making changes to an old one requires architecture interior design, which is the planning and design of the inner space. It also includes the furnishings and art to be used.

However, the architecture interior design goes beyond this since it considers the structural design as well. This is where the difference between an interior designer and interior design architect comes in.

When building a new house, it might be easy to work on an architecture interior design strategy when doing a conversion of an old house. But in both instances, the Humphreysandsons architects are in a position to help you.

The Architecture Interior Design Strategy

What is Architecture Interior Design
What is Architecture Interior Design

First, the architect assigned this project should understand what the clients are looking to achieve with the interior space. From here, the architect will come up with a proposal of what they think is best for the project. Using their expertise, they will come up with an ideal plan for the interior design.

i) Structural concept

As mentioned, one of the roles of an interior architect is to design the interior structures, ensuring that they meet all standards. This is a sensitive task to ensure that pillars, walls, windows, doors, and all other features are positioned well for a strong house. For conversion projects, the positioning of these internal features is even more sensitive, especially when they need a lot of moving.

ii) Design concept

The other architecture interior design strategy should focus on the aesthetic of the structure. This is where the architect comes up with furnishings, colors, and art that will bring out a certain theme as agreed. Therefore, the architect should be as innovative as possible.

The Development Phase

It is the mandate of the interior architect to supervise the progress of the interior work. They work hand-in-hand with other stakeholders in the project for success. The goal is to make sure that each step is as planned.

They also approve any changes that might occur in the process while ensuring that they are also up to the standards and that they will not affect the aesthetics of the interior.

The interior architect typically visits the site regularly and attends meetings with other stakeholders. It is their mandate to discuss the progress with the owner. Later on, they might be required to hand over the project to an interior designer or work together with one.

Benefits of Architecture Interior Design

Using a professional interior architect in your project has numerous perks. The biggest balnearies are conversion projects. These projects might weaken the whole structure unless a professional interior architect gets involved.

With an architecture interior design, the client gets a clear picture of how the house will look like from the inside. And this makes it easy to accept or make changes early enough. Therefore, there are no changes that are needed when the project is complete.


To hire the best interior designer, you need more information on qualifications and skills. But one thing is for sure: reputable architects will take you to the next level. It is better to pay premium rates and get excellent services. So, make the right choice now.

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