Are Frameless Glass Doors Expensive?

frameless glass doors

For many modern home designs, frameless glass doors are a common addition. Such doors improve the home’s appeal by enriching views from the inside and allowing the home to stand out from the street. They also unify construction elements like the walls, ceilings, and floors by offering an unobstructed view. Such benefits make installing glass doors in homes a fast-growing trend. 

One question among most property owners is, “Are frameless glass doors expensive?” It depends on various factors, but the difference in cost is often insignificant. The best thing about frameless options is that they offer homeowner value for their money.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Frameless Glass Doors

The main difference between frameless and framed doors is that the former hinges on a glass panel or the wall. Lack of the frame creates a unique design that eliminates obstructions in the line of vision. The effect is a more open and modern feel in the home, which is luxurious.

One has to foot some costs before they can enjoy the luxury of having a frameless glass door. Here are some of the elements that influence the cost.

Glass Quality

Homeowners get to choose from a wide variety of glass options before installing the glass doors. Options include soundproof, hurricane and impact resistant, double pane, and triple pane glass. Soundproof and multi-pane glass provide extra benefits like better insulation and lower energy bills. Hurricane glass doors have a special film between the panes to prevent shattering. 

If one lives in a noisy area, installers may recommend using soundproof and multi-pane glass to protect you from excessive noise. This is especially helpful if people work from home. Those that live in storm-prone areas will enjoy the protection that hurricane and impact-resistant glass doors offer.

Low-quality glass doors can be cheap, but they break easily because they are too thin. It is advisable to choose thick, good quality glass since it offers value for money.

High-quality doors don’t come cheap; they are made from tempered glass, ensuring they are durable. Most options will also feature thicker panels to ensure they are resilient to impact. As a result, homeowners get to enjoy lasting glass doors at home.


The longer the size of the door is, the more a homeowner will pay. If one wants to add an entire wall of frameless glass sliding doors, they will pay much more than adding a single glass door. A larger glass door will take longer to install, which also increases the overall cost.

Additional Accessories

A common concern for most homeowners about glass doors is that they are often plain. To add some appeal to the glass, one can opt for accessories such as handles or locks. The choice of accessories one adds to their glass doors determines the cost they incur. Higher quality materials will cost homeowners more than lower quality materials. Most door knobs are made of metal, usually brass. The cost varies because of the type of door knob.

Homeowners interested in custom panel edging or fancy lock installation will have to pay more. The higher cost accounts for the new design needs and acquisition of the new accessories. Once installed, the accessories offer a true luxury feeling, but they come at a price.

Glass Door Design

There are different glass door designs that homeowners can opt for in their homes. The design cost varies from one type to another depending on how challenging they are to install.

The glass door design types include:

Sliding glass doors – the least expensive option since they are easy to install in homes. They allow for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, so they are perfect for use in the exterior. 

French glass doors – Fairly cheap options since they feature the basic opening and closing mechanism. They are perfect for bridging large wall openings because they utilize two panels.

Hinged glass doors – also a cheap option for most homeowners since they emulate the classic traditional doors. Hinged doors swing both ways and are perfect for use within the interior of a home.

Pivot glass doors – the most expensive option from the selection since they turn on a pivot often at the center of the panel. They require some structural adjustments when installing, which makes them quite expensive.

Glass Door Installation Experts

One’s choice of glass door installation expert also determines the costs they incur. To keep the costs low, one should settle for a glass door installation company whose charges are realistic. A reputable installation service will source materials ethically and offer them to homeowners at a fair price. Some installers offer deals for multiple installations. 


Frameless glass doors create the feeling of luxury once installed in a home. They are impressive since they improve curb appeal and offer value for money. Work with the experts to ensure the glass door they install in the home will be long-lasting.

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  • Glass doors can provide elegance and make the room look more spacious. Make sure to get fire-rated doors for better security. It is best to get the highest quality to avoid breakage.

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