The Outback Outlook – 7 Reasons Why Australian Entrepreneurs Are Switching to Serviced Offices

For entrepreneurs in Australia, success is all about making a connection. Whether it’s with customers, suppliers, investors, or the media, relationships count. In fact, Australia is a unique place. In most of its major cities, the populations are relatively small.

Yet, the country is one of the most sophisticated in the world. Access to world-class resources is guaranteed. This combination of intimacy and advancement makes for a fertile economy. Forging strong bonds is easy here because almost everybody is a few connections away.

Major cities like Sydney and Melbourne are popular with investors. If you’re interested in leasing a serviced office in Brisbane, Servcorp has a whole range of facilities designed to support entrepreneurs.

This article explores some of the benefits of going ‘serviced.

Remarkable Locations

If you work with a premium office provider, you’ll be guaranteed a spot in one of the best neighbourhoods. This is a promise that top-rated vendors make to their tenants. They put businesses right at the heart of the action, in busy areas like the Central Business District.

Teeny Tiny Overheads

The cost of running and maintaining a serviced office is often smaller than expected. This is because the arrangement includes almost all logistical needs. Think heating, lighting, cleaning, tech support, general repairs, and more. It’s included in the standard monthly fee.

Control of the Future

With no lock-in clauses, there is never a worry about getting trapped or stuck within a serviced lease. It just isn’t done in this particular industry. While all vendors are different, of course, a high quality serviced provider does not punish tenants for early terminations. They are always in control of their future.

Access to Expert Advice

Included in the monthly fee is access to a range of onsite resources. Often, they include technological assistance (sometimes 24hrs), receptionists, PA’s, mail handlers, web developers, networking consultants, and more. If you need advice, it’s all right there.

Conference Rooms for Hire

In addition, many of the finest facilities offer access to conference rooms. This is a useful feature, particularly if you don’t want to pay for full-time ownership. Most businesses have need of meeting spaces, but not all the time. Save money by hiring a room only when required.

Stress-Free Networking

If you pick a serviced facility with shared spaces – leisure areas, coworking environments, etc. – networking will be easy and natural. Making connections is vital for businesses that are new to the market. If you want to make an impact, you’ve got to make friends first.

Opportunities to Grow

In some cases, serviced providers even help tenants relocate within their building. For instance, if a company starts out with a small office, but grows quickly, they may have the option to upgrade without changing their address. It is the fastest, simplest way to expand.

Why You Need a Serviced Office in Brisbane

Some serviced providers have incredible reputations and a status that has travelled all around the world. They may not be the traditional way of leasing, but they are highly respected. Many of these suites come fully furnished and decorated with the finest materials money can buy.

They are a symbol of success, even if you’re a young company working out where to go next. Furthermore, they represent the future of office space. In a decade or so, the serviced model will have taken over, because businesses want bespoke options. They want the freedom to cherry pick their resources and exert full control over how they pay and what they consume.

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