Autumn-themed home: Fall decoration ideas to get you in an Autumnal mood

Fall decoration ideas

Do you see the leaves changing colors and feel the crispness in the air? If so, it is time to welcome fall in all its beautiful glory. While nature is sprinkling its magic outside, it is up to you to turn your home into a seasonal escape.

Since fall is that time of the year when it is all about making your home feel and looks cozy, the best way to decorate is using twigs, fallen leaves, autumn fruits, dried flowers, spikes of wheat, and other amazing gifts of nature. You can even throw in a few plaid blankets, comfortable pillows, and snug carpets to complete the look of your home. By the time you are done, your space will look all-natural, and the decorations will be complete within your budget. Do you need some ideas on decorating your home for the fall? Let’s take a look.

Dried flower arrangement

The easiest way to bring autumn indoors is by capturing the colors of the season. Think orange and brown, and you can create dried flower arrangements to use around the house. You can place it within a vase and perch it on the dining table, bedside table, countertops, or anywhere you please.

You can choose to get ready-made exotic dried flowers arrangements or make your own. It can include dried flowers, twigs, branches, and more.

Rustic mantel decoration

You can create rustic and simple decorations to decorate your mantel. All you need to do is wrap twine several times around votive holders and colorful fall leaves, and you need to secure it with a knot. You can construct different heights by topping the votives with varying numbers of small white pumpkins. As you know, pumpkins are a favorite and readily available during the fall season.

You can add a touch of autumn to your display by gathering an assortment of colorful fall leaves and using a wire to fasten them to a length of rope. You can form gorgeous-looking seasonable garlands. Get adhesive hooks and attach the garland to your mantel.

The fall leaves can be gathered from your backyard, or you can get dried fall leaves.

Pumpkin-esque tablescape for your foyer

Invite fall into your foyer with an eye-catching and gorgeous tablescape. You don’t need to do much, but gather a few branches of colorful fall leaves or dried flowers and leaves and arrange them in a tall glass vase. Let this be the focal point of your table, and then build out the rest of the decoration. You can gather an array of seasonal gourds in a mix of sizes, colors, and textures. You can even gather small, ripe pumpkins and carve them out to create creative shapes and designs. You can arrange them in graduated size on the table, or you can put them under a glass cloche.

To bring texture into the arrangement, you can add a potted plant. Throughout the table, you can scatter dried flowers or fall leaves.

Corn husk and dried flower wreaths

Given that the fall season is about appreciating nature in its glory, you need to use as many natural items as you can. While dried flowers can be used throughout your fall decoration, ensure the colors represent the season. Along with it, you can combine corn husks and create wreaths styled as sunbursts.

The wreaths can be placed outside your door, hung on the wall, or used as table decoration. You can get wreaths for your chairs, and they look uber-natural and can make your home appear and feel cozy and welcoming.

Create a nature-inspired table centerpiece

You can create a table centerpiece mixing tones of white and green and flashes of fall color.

It would help if you had an oval or round container and potting soil. Fill the container with soil and plant a mixture of succulents, but leave ample space around the edges. You can nestle small white and orange pumpkins into the soil and add seasonal vegetables like eggplants, radishes, and kale. Fill the gaps using fresh herbs, and you can surround it with more votives and pumpkins. Scatter dried fall leaves and flowers to complete the look.

DIY candles using pumpkins and exotic dried flowers

Candles are always welcome, no matter the occasion or season. You can create DIY candles to capture the fall season. You need to get wax and melt it. Then pour the melted wax inside a glass container, and you can decorate it using dried flowers. You can talk to dried flowers suppliers in India to get huge quantities of dried flowers that will last you the entire season and help you with various decorations.

Then, you can get mini pumpkins and carve them out. Also, you can make faces or such designs on the pumpkin and place the candle inside the pumpkin. Light it up and let the warm colors of the flame brighten your home.

You can also get big bowls, fill them with water and float a few candles for aesthetic appeal.

Door decoration with dried foliage

When your home’s interior is wrapped in the colors of autumn, you need to set the mood as your guests are coming in.

So, don’t forget to decorate your door. You can create a dried fall arrangement with corn husks, various blooms, and corn cobs. You can make a burlap bow and hang it on your door, and it will surely attract the attention of the neighbors.

Fall window hanging

Why are the windows without any decoration? Change that by hanging a fall window decoration made of dried pinecones and citrus slices. You can even hang deco balls or other light window decorations made of shola flowers. The aroma of the fall will fill your home.

So, why don’t you get started and set an autumnal mood in your home? You can use the ideas mentioned above or get experimental.

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