Basic Landscaping: What You Should Know as a Beginner

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re considering taking over your home’s outer appearance and need a little insight…and that’s why we’re here to help! When it comes to landscaping, even the greatest of landscapers had to begin somewhere. Every great landscaper will tell you that as a novice, performing research, along with a lot of practice and knowing the basic necessities of landscaping are all essential in the landscaping/gardening world. In fact, this is how you actually become proficient in landscaping!

Foreseeing Your Landscape

First and foremost, whether you wish to have a massive landscape transformation or simply begin with a small garden bed, you need to have an idea of what you want and picture it before implementing it. Having that mental image will help you strategically plan what to purchase, how to care for it, and what the outcome should be. As a new gardener, it’s ok to dream of having a humongous garden, but you will probably need to start small and become acquainted with the whole gardening concept before plunging into any extensive tasks.

Learn to Grow Different Types of Plants

Like we said, doing some research and being informed is key! Knowing the specifications of your different plants and how they thrive in different situations is the best way to successfully achieve your desired landscape. Also, learn about the kind of pests that your plants may attract and how you can control them. If you feel like you may need a bit of an introduction to growing different plants, you can start by using containers to grow varieties of plants before moving on to DIY landscaping.

Choose Your Garden Style

Landscaping is all about personal taste; it is a picturesque view of what the gardener envisions. How much you are able to accomplish with DIY landscaping depends on your gardening style and level of experience. Someone whose garden style involves complicated beds and a lot of shrubs will need the expertise and strength of professionals if they’re just starting out, while someone with simple gardening approaches in mind may not need the help of a professional.

Use the Hybrid Approach to Create Your Dream Garden

A hybrid approach is the combination of both DIY and Professional Installation. You may become overwhelmed if you decided to handle everything yourself. If that’s the case, why not call in some help that is expertised in this area and can give you exactly what you want? The hybrid approach enables you to sit back, relax, and re-strategize your landscaping plan if major change is required. You can make this decision based upon your experience level, as well as personal preference.

Don’t be Impulsive

As a newbie, you may be tempted to buy everything you think you like and place it in your garden. A lot of landscapers (including skilled gardeners) make this mistake and end up with things that do not fit their style. Go through your choices based on your budget, the installation process, and upkeep, along with the time you have to maintain it yourself. This strategy itself will save you from making a lot of avoidable mistakes and overspending.

With this being said, your taste may change over time and you may not be feeling the landscaping that you had originally designed…this is more likely to occur if you are impulsive. It is perfectly acceptable to change one or two things throughout your process in order to reflect your personality or who you are on the inside, but making sure to think things through from the start can potentially prevent later change.

Test Your Soil

Before you kick-start your landscaping project, ensure that you test your soil and know what plants best fit into your soil. You should check if your location is receiving the appropriate amount of sunlight, and this can be determined by spending time around the area and analyzing the amount of the sunlight it gets. If it receives less than the necessary amount, determine ways you could make it work or choose another location on your property that fits. You can also investigate instant lawn options.

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  • Gardening! Its something smoothens our mind out from stress. I have a small garden in my backyard, which means my happy world. Thank you for sharing your ideas on landscaping. Let me try it and implement in my home.

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