Coordinate Your Bathroom – 6 Bathroom Design Looks You’ll Love

Want a new look for your bathroom? There are plenty of ways to give your bathroom new life-whether you’re planning a big redesign project or a few simple changes.

When planning your bathroom’s new look, however, it’s important to be consistent. Some homeowners simply choose what they like in terms of countertops, fixtures, lighting, and colors-without considering whether it all goes together. Here are six common bathroom themes-and what goes into achieving that look.

6 Amazing Bathroom Design Looks You’ll Love

Art deco Bathroom Design

Art deco design relies on brilliant colors, strong contrasts, and shiny fixtures. To add art deco flair to your bathroom, look for black and white tile, bright colors on the walls, and geometric designs for handles and accessories.

If you use wood, choose a dark color like mahogany-and set it up against highly polished metals such as chrome. Lighting makes a difference, too: look for bright fluorescents that incorporate geometric patterns. Art deco is all about contrast, geometry, and stark elegance.

Antique Bathroom Design

There are many ways to bring an antique look into your bathroom, depending on the era you’re focusing on. “Antique” and “country” sometimes overlap, and of course art deco is a style from the 20’s that could be classified as antique. But nothing could be more different than country and art deco.

However, much of the time “antique” baths refer to a pre-1900’s look. These bathrooms have free-standing claw-foot tubs, often with a three-sided curtain rack. They also incorporate metals such as brass or copper for fixtures, and accessories made from hand-hammered pewter, natural materials such as wood and stone, and even cast iron.

It can look expensive, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this look. Antique fixtures and accessories can often be found at flea markets and secondhand stores as well as the more expensive redesign and hardware stores.

Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary bathrooms are sleek, stylish, and uncluttered. When many people think “modern,” they think of cold metals, sterile surfaces, and bright fluorescent lights. But today’s contemporary bathroom looks more like a Zen retreat than a hospital.

The contemporary style often combines wood finishes with stone tiles and countertops and plenty of clear glass. Look for streamlined, simple faucets to add a finishing touch.

Country Bathroom Design

If you love rustic charm, you can definitely bring that look into your bathroom. When decorating in a country style, choose handmade-looking features and creative touches: canning jars or woven baskets for storage, a handmade set of wooden pegs for towels, or even handmade soaps.

Country bathrooms typically have soft, natural-looking colors: think off-white instead of white for the curtains. Claw-foot tubs go well in a country setting. Extra touches like fresh-cut flowers complete the look.

Kids Bathroom Design

When redesigning a room with kids in mind, it can be easy to get carried away. Some parents remake their bathrooms with shorter countertops and toilets. They can also go overboard with themes related to popular television shows and movies.

But bear in mind that kids do grow up-and their tastes change fast. And if you plan on selling your house before your little ones become teenagers, you may have to redesign again before you move. The key to a good kids’ bathroom is not to make permanent or semi-permanent changes.

Instead, look for changes that are easy to alter. Shower curtains with kid-friendly themes are a better idea than an entire wallpapering project with SpongeBob paper. And be sure to invest in some durable storage units for kids’ bathroom toys.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Luxurious bathrooms are all about attention to detail. Heated floors and tile racks, whirlpool tubs and steam showers, elegant soaps, fog-free mirrors, and the fluffiest towels are all equally important in a luxury bathroom.

These bathrooms often incorporate marble or granite stonework, and the colors they use are rich and deep-but not bright, like you’d find in an art-deco bathroom. Fixtures can be sleek or antique, depending on your taste. Small touches such as scented candles and a sound system for soft music also make a difference.

Most people think luxurious bathrooms require a lot of space. And it’s true that space gives a bathroom a sumptuous feel. It also gives you plenty of room for oversized tubs, two-person showers, and other luxuries.

But you don’t need a huge bathroom to pull it off. A corner steam shower can save on space and still look decadent-and you can make the bathroom appear larger by eliminating the tub. Pay attention to detail and work with the space you have, and you can still achieve a sumptuous look.

When it comes to the bathroom, decorating taste can be very personal. There are many ways you can bring your own personal style to your bathroom. These six themes make a great starting point for any redesign project.

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