Best Bathroom Floor Tiles Types in the World

The bathroom need not be the most boring or drab place in your home.

With a few simple touches, a drab old bathroom can be converted into an attractive and colorful place.

A major factor that determines the look of the bathroom is of course the kind of floor tiles you choose.

There are several different kinds of bathroom floor tiles available.

You must take into consideration factors like space, utility, safety etc while choosing bathroom floor tiles.

Best Bathroom Tiles Types in the World

Types of Bathroom Tiles
Types of Bathroom Tiles

The most common kind of bathroom flooring is ceramic tiles.

Simple, affordable, tough, durable and water resistant, these tiles are a good choice for just about any kind of bathroom.

These tiles come in solid, earthy colors and some even have prints on them.

You can also find them in several different shapes.

If you prefer the usual white or cream, try using colored grout so that your bathroom gets a splash of color.

Laminate and vinyl tiles are also a god choice for zen bathroom floor tiles.

They also come in different shapes and colors. These are affordable, water resistant, easy to install and clean.

You can also go in for linoleum tiles which come in several different patterns.

These tiles are durable and easy to clean and usually last longer than vinyl tiles.

Mosaic is another good idea for bathroom floor tiles.

Made using a mix of colored glass, broken tiles, stone etc, this kind of flooring adds color and substance to the bathroom.

If you have a large bathroom with elegant fixtures, go in for stone flooring like marble, granite etc.

These look chic, are easy to clean and last really long but they tend to get cold and slippery. Combine them with some good bathroom carpets to give your bathroom a warm, welcoming appeal.

You can also go in for hardwood floors for your bathroom.

Hardwood floors for bathrooms are sealed so as to keep moisture, dirt and grime from penetrating and ruining the wood.

These are not commonly used because moisture tends to take its toll on these floors.

However, if you have used hardwood flooring over the rest of your house, you may like to use it in the bathroom too.

How to play around with bathroom tile ideas

Many times, bathroom tile ideas would are a selection of designs created by people, recommended by architects, or interior designers to complement the usually universal theme of homes to produce premier bathrooms.

These tiles can be used to create a back splash, a focal point, to accent a sink or tub, or even to create a beautiful design on the floors and/or walls.

Generally, when wanting to create this idea, the color, design, style, shape, and size of the tile will need to be considered.

These things will help you to decide on a centralized theme and make coming up with ideas easier.

With so many bathroom design ideas offered in the market today, there is bound to be one bathroom tile design that people would want and this is where a bathroom tile idea would originate.

These should also be able to complement other bathroom fixtures such as bathroom vanity cabinets, bathroom sink vanity and bathroom wall mirrors.

Bathroom tile ideas would usually be instigated from what people see from visiting other homes or through suggested home designing.

In some cases, the design will be centered on simplicity and uniformity; however, this is not always the case.

Bathroom tiles can focus on accenting any one area or product in your bathroom, add splashes of color or detailed patterns, or do just about anything that you want, in the way of decorating.

There are some people who have ideas that combine 2 or 3 tile designs. Normally, the outcome would be extravagant and it really all depends on how people would project them as a whole.

Bathroom themes are also something to consider when picking the ideal bathroom tile idea in most homes today.

There are certain codes and layouts to follow and this would usually be the best way to select bathroom tiles.

Space as well is something that many would want to work with.

It is not a simple matter of using them that may come cheap and affordable. It’s must be done accordingly to the specifications that people prefer.

Playing around with bathroom tile ideas can be entertaining.

However, the real deal comes out when homes are constructed and they can see the product of their idea practice.

Once they are placed, it will really be a big problem and discomfort if they do not turn out to be the design people wanted.

Hence, it would be best to make the most out of the initial tile ideas even before they are placed.

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