Bathroom Remodeling: 5 Tips to Decorate your Bathroom on a Budget

When it comes to decorating or updating an existing bathroom, you should start by evaluating the space to identify the things you would like to see improved. The needed change could be something as simple as replacing a few items like the faucets and lighting, or a more involving project requiring a major overhaul.

There are many factors that influence your bathroom décor options such as:

  • The age of your users – a children’s bathroom should be simpler compared to that in the master bedroom
  • Your future plans – a modest project with basic updates may be preferred when looking to move out in several years, whereas a custom major overhaul may be more cost effective if you just moved into your dream home.
  • Your budget – plan for your budget so your updates only involve high quality materials and professional workmanship. Don’t skimp on essential items like the sink, toilet, or faucet. Common re-decorating tasks include:

1. Adding Some Color

Choose lighter, livelier color schemes to make the space lighter and brighter. Although glass walls help to eliminate moisture problems, you can achieve similar results by adding the right additive to matte paint to prevent mildewing. Paint the whole bathroom, including the walls and cabinets to achieve a uniform look. Semi-gloss paint works best for cabinets.

2. Updating Bathroom Features

Consider replacing bathroom features that you use on a regular basis with high-quality items. These include faucets, sinks, toilets, shower head, and cabinets. Shop for good bargains on the best bathroom faucets and other bathroom fixtures that you can easily replace, such as drawer pulls and cabinet knobs.

3. Renovating an Existing Bathtub

Installing a new bathtub can be quite demanding for most homeowners. Unless you are planning a major bathroom remodel, you can choose to decorate your bathtub by simply renovating or replacing the bathtub surround. Cost effective options including adding new tab fixtures or a new tile bathtub surround. You may need to redecorate all the tile work as well. Make sure to clean the tub and drain to keep the water flowing smoothly. You may need to learn how to remove a shower drain if the drain is blocked with soap and hair.

4. Maximizing Natural Light

All spaces, including your bathroom, appear larger and inviting if they are brighter. Bathrooms typically don’t have large windows. But you can redesign the space to maximize light penetration during the day. This may require the use of translucent shades or curtains and/or installing cabinets so the windowsills remain free of any items that obstruct sunlight.

5. Installing Decorative Lighting

The strategic placement of artificial lighting can open up your bathroom. Consider installing task lights to illuminate the sink and shower areas, as well as above and below the cabinets to add beauty and create the illusion of depth. Replace any outdated lighting in your bathroom with LED lighting fixtures for energy savings and light bars and hanging pendants that diffuse light in the space.

Final Tip

Wall Art If you feel like your bathroom still looks plain after applying a new coat of paint and updating the fixtures, consider adding treated canvas prints with water-repellent properties. You can order custom oversized prints of your favorite images. Alternatively, you can create a wall gallery of objects such as baskets, murals, and even hanging plants.

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