Bathroom Upgrades: 5 Tips For Keeping It Clean

bathroom upgrades

Out of all the places in a house, bathrooms need to be kept the cleanest. Over time, dirt and stains can accumulate in a bathroom, along with hazardous bacteria, viruses, and even fungi. Such conditions can harm your well-being and make it unpleasant while spending some quality solitary time in the restroom. No one wants to go to a toilet with pungent odors and unpleasant stains. More importantly, cleaning a bathroom can be challenging when stains and smells become difficult to remove. So, the best decision is to keep your bathroom clean at all times for safe and healthy living.

While regular washing is one of the best ways to do so, there are several other methods you can adopt for the same purpose. So, to help you with this purpose, here are some practical tips to keep your bathroom clean.

Top 5 Tips For Keeping It Clean

Make it fragrant

One sign of a dirty bathroom is odor. Keeping the windows open or maintaining the ventilation system is often not enough to get rid of the unpleasant smells. It’s best to bring in some fragrance alongside keeping the air fresh within your bathroom. For this purpose, you can try placing some floral plants near the bathroom windows. These will help spread a pleasant smell andadd to the appeal of the space. You can also place scented candles and soaps to reduce the effect of unpleasant odors.

You can also use air fresheners to make the room smell pleasant. Getting your hands on a toilet bowl air fresheners set and using it often will prevent unpleasant odors from traveling far. These come in a variety of exotic scents to choose from. So invest inlong-lasting and strongly scented toilet bowl air fresheners.

Declutter your bathroom

Dirt, germs, and stains are not the only things that can make your bathroom dirty. A messy bathroom filled with junk and unnecessary items can also look quite unclean. Wet towels lying around are a peculiar culprit. Therefore, it’s best to declutter your bathroom now and then. Objects such as empty bottles and products can often start to pile up, collect dust, and propagate bacterial and fungal growth.

So, take a moment and gather all the junk in your bathroom for tossing away. If you don’t like throwing things away, you can also choose to donate or recycle the items based on their condition. Ultimately, you’ll have a tidy bathroom you can enjoy using.

It’s also good to organize your belongings inside your vanity and installations. For instance, you can arrange the items on your sink and in your cabinets in an organized fashion, preventing stuff from being all over the bathroom. 

Prevent mold from growing

Moisture and mold go hand in hand, making bathrooms the perfect space for such fungi to thrive in. Without taking care of humidity, a variety of toxic mold such as black mold can start to grow and cause health issues alongside reducing the appeal of your bathroom. Breathing problems and allergies are some of the symptoms of mold exposure. Therefore, you can’t risk having mold inside your toilet. 

To prevent mold growth, clean out any water on the floor with a mop after taking a shower or using water inside your bathroom. Water on the floor can lead to high humidity levels, giving mold a chance to grow. Furthermore, it’s equally important to keep your bathroom well ventilated to control humidity. For this purpose, you can switch on vent fans after taking showers and keep the windows open as much as you can. If humidity persists, adding a moisture absorber to your countertop can be quite helpful. 

Get the right cleaning supplies

In some cases, even after regularly cleaning your bathroom, it doesn’t seem to remain clean for long. One of the reasons behind this is the use of unreliable cleaning products. Many of the cleaning supplies we use are often not meant to be used in bathrooms. Therefore, it’s essential to get the right cleaning supplies for a spotless bathroom.

So, get your hands on long-lasting cleaners that can keep stains and odor out for at least a week. However, if you can’t find such cleaners, you can try creating one for yourself at home. Doing so can also help you avoid toxic cleaners that contain chemicals such as formaldehyde that may cause cancer. Moreover, you can also get cleaning supplies that make cleaning easier, such as automatic toilet cleaners. Such products will allow you to maintain cleanliness without putting in much effort. It’s alsoimportant to keep your cleaning supplies in an easily accessible area inside your bathroom for regular cleaning.

Perform a deep clean

Undoubtedly, regular cleaning is an essential part of maintaining hygiene. However, it’s equally important to give your bathroom a deep clean every once in a while to remove those persistent stains, blockages, and foul smells. So, get your cleaning supplies ready for a deep clean. While doing so, always start from top to bottom, instead of the other way around. It will make the deep clean faster and easier, as you won’t have to clean the floor twice. 

Start by cleaning the glass shower doors, windows, and walls with an all-purpose cleaner is another amazing small kitchen ideas. Keep in mind to clean the showerhead, as it can get clogged over time. Using diluted vinegar can be a good way to unclog the showerhead. Once you’re done with the top, start cleaning the floor by vacuuming, washing, and scrubbing. But don’t forget to mop your bathroom floor in the end for a spotless finish. 


A dirty bathroom can be a bigger problem than you can imagine. Not only will it be unpleasant for you to visit your toilet, but it may also cause embarrassment for you if you’ve got guests at your home. More importantly, a bathroom full of germs can be hazardous for your health. So, don’t overlook the sanitary conditions of your bathroom and follow the tips mentioned above for a neat and clean bathroom.

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