Latest Shelving Ideas For Bathrooms & Kitchen

Shelving – Tidy up Your Home and Garage with the Latest Styles!

Whoever invented shelves deserves a medal although it must have been long after the days of cave-dwellers who didn’t have the advantage of electric drills!

These days we have no excuse for being disorganized in the home or office and here are some of this season’s best sellers:

If you find that your clothes are getting creased after you’ve spent hours ironing them, consider buying some closet organizers from Rubbermaid.

They also have a great Easy Glide system which allows your clothes hangers to move along smoothly without you having to push and pull.

For an original and attractive closet storage system take a look at Elfa online.

They are a Swedish company who make very elegant and sophisticated designs finished in Birch and Walnut and I love their European look.

In small bathrooms shelving is an absolute necessity and one of my favorites of this season is the Wicker Bathroom Corner Shelf unit from

It’s tall and slim which is great for small bathrooms and corner shelving is perfect for using ‘hidden’ space.

This unit has 4 wood shelves plus a handy cupboard and the wicker style looks as if it has just come from an old-style country cottage.

This useful and pretty corner shelf unit measures 59″ x 18″ x 14″ and has open back shelves which are good for humid locations.

In a honey-color or white this bathroom unit will bring instant style to your room. It costs $83.76.

If your kitchen is also bursting at the seams get some good looking pantry shelving in the form of an Ameriwood Pantry Shelf unit.

It’s a really appealing unit in Old Fashioned Pine finish and it’s the tall, narrow shape that’s great for small rooms.

It has 3 wood shelves and the design is traditional country style.

This pantry shelf unit measures 18″W x 16″D x 60″H and it costs $139.99 from Amazon Marketplace.

For storing objects in a humid location or in a garage that gets cold and damp at night, open back shelves are what you need because they allow air to circulate freely and stop mildew from forming.

Rubbermaid offers a wide range of workshop and garage shelving and you’ll feel so much better when you get everything up off the floor and onto some strong wall mounted shelves!

If you’re finding that your business storage premises are getting too small and you’re considering the high cost of moving to a bigger space, think about high-rise commercial shelving first.

You may find that you’ve got too much horizontal storage and not enough vertical steel shelving.

It could save you a fortune by allowing you to stay in your existing warehouse or factory!

For a decorative touch to a plain wall have a look at the pretty wall mounted shelf set from Rubbermaid.

I love this set of shelves because although they are actually made of plastic, they look just like Light Oak wood shelves!

The set consists of three cubes which you can wall mount in any configuration you want.

They would look super with some dainty ornaments on the shelves and you can get the Rubbermaid Decorative Plastic Shelf set for $20 from Amazon Marketplace.

It would make a great gift!

When I was a child offices used to be full of old furniture that looked as if it had come from a junk shop, but these days office shelving needs to look contemporary and efficient.

If you want something right up to date have a look at office shelving made by Elfa who produce MDF and steel shelf units that look sleek and modern.

Walmart do a good range of inexpensive wire shelf units for office storage, or you can stick with attractive wood shelves in warm colors like Cherry which will make your office seem more cozy.

Choosing the right shelving units for your requirements is really easy if you do your window shopping on the internet.

You can pick your preferred style and price range knowing that you’ve examined more types of storage shelving than you could see in a week of visiting local furniture and office supply stores!

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