Benefits And Uses of Hot Tub Covers

hot tub cover

Walk on hot tub covers are strong enough for an adult to walk on without falling through. They are typically heavier and stiffer than the more common soft covers, but offer several advantages, particularly when it comes to safety.

Walk on covers are often used when small children or even pets have access to the tub area, and there is a strong risk that they could fall through the cover and into the water – which could lead to serious injury or even drowning.

But they are also popular for in-ground installations, especially if the owners need or want additional “standing” space. For instance, many spa owners will put a walk-on cover over their spa for backyard parties or other events, thus allowing guests to have more room to mingle.

Types Of Walk On Hot Tub Covers

Foam Walk On Hot Tub Covers

The most common type is made from a very dense (and very strong) foam. It should be noted that the type of foam used on these is different than the foam used in soft covers. This dense foam is an excellent insulator and helps keep the water warm while preventing people or pets from falling through when walking over it.

Metal Walk On Hot Tub Covers

These types are made from various metals, and depending on the make and model may actually include a mix of foam and metal. Very rarely are covers made entirely from metal. For instance, some manufacturers use metal only as a “stiffener” inside a traditional foam cover, while others will use it as a “skin” to give a very unique and modern metal look to the cover itself. These are typically much more expensive than foam.

Metal walk on covers are made from a variety of materials. It’s not uncommon to find Aluminum, stainless and many more. In fact, most makers use a combination of several metals to find the balance between strength and weight.

Keep in mind that metal may include a specific maintenance schedule, as certain types of metal are more sensitive to the chemicals in hot tub water. So be prepared to spend a little extra time caring for the underside of a metal walk on hot tub cover.

Glass Walk On Hot Tub Covers

Glass covers are much more expensive than foam or metal covers, but the allure of these isn’t in the thriftiness, but instead the exquisite look. If you’re wanting a very modern and sophisticated look in your back yard or spa room, imagine being able to stand on a sturdy piece of glass and look down as your hot tub swirls beneath you! It’s very impressive, especially if you’re entertaining discerning guests.

The downside to glass isn’t just the cost, but also the maintenance and weight. For starters, a piece of glass strong enough to support a couple of adults is super thick, and thus very, very heavy.

You’ll probably need either a crew of spa technicians to move it on and off, or a dedicated spa cover lift system. And when it comes to maintenance, hard water scales from the various chemicals in your hot tub water will quickly cloud up the bottom of the cover, making it look very unattractive. So be ready to spend plenty of time keeping it clean.

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