Benefits of Cordless Cellular Shades

Cordless Cellular Shades

Cordless cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are both effective and fashionable. Not only because of the shades’ sleek and elegant honeycomb design, but also its efficiency which makes many homeowners to find it a necessity to have in their homes.

Top Benefits of Cordless Cellular Shades

Their Structure

A cellular shade is made up of fabric with innovative cellular structure that contains small cells that trap air in each cell. It then serves as a protection from the cold breeze of the winter season or the typical heat of the summer. These types of shades come in varieties such as single-celled, double-celled or triple-celled. The more cells that the shades contain will result to better insulation.

Pays For Themselves

During cold seasons, people may save money by a reduced use of energy for heating up a room. It is advisable to have a shade having double or triple the number of cells so that the demand for insulation would be met. Meanwhile, during warm seasons, these types of shades may still reduce your energy consumption by keeping in the cool air that comes from your air conditioner.

Homeowners not only save money on electricity use, but the use of cordless cellular shades will also make their homes have an enhanced elegant and inviting look of the room where the shades are installed to.

Controls Light

Besides having the benefit of quality insulation for a lesser amount, another benefit that will be reaped out of these shades is quality lighting in a room. It allows homeowners to adjust lighting within a room to their specific taste. Whether people prefer soft filtered light or hard filtered dark rooms, there is even a blackout type of shade wherein it prevents 100% of the sun’s UV light emissions to enter the window where the shade is installed to.

Go Cordless

Cordless cellular shades also come in various types which you could lift from top to bottom or the other way around. It is an efficient, appealing and a safe feature in your homes for families with children and pets. Since the name itself “cordless” meaning there are no cords attached to them, then you won’t have to worry about entangling and possibly injuring your children and/or pets.

Since no cords are involved in the use of these shades then you might be probably wondering how it works. It works by a spring mechanism. For a more expensive and high-class type of shade, it may come along with a motorized system that is controlled by a remote. It’s as easy as pressing a single button. Imagine waking up in the morning and pressing a single button and letting the sunlight into your bedroom.


The price of cordless cellular shades would rely mostly on their size, the type of fabric used and the number of cells you choose. Where you buy makes a big difference. I found the best savings are made online. Compare a couple of places for price, shipping cost, taxes and handling fees. Double cell shades would cost more and the triple cell or the blackout shades would be the most expensive since it would give more functionality in terms of insulation and lighting.

If you want to have a more efficient and less expensive way to maintain insulation in your house then cordless cellular shades is the answer to your problem. With its smart and versatile functionality, sleek and elegant honeycomb design it will surely make any room a sight to see and at the same time, reap benefits out of this innovation.

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