5 Key Benefits of Home Waterproofing

home waterproofing

Waterproofing your homestead might sound like a  value added task that many of you are likely to think is optional. After all, yourhouse is yet habitable and looks good irrespective of whether you got it waterproofed or not. 

However, waterproofing your homesteadcan escort you several surprising benefits you may not know of and have barely considered. To get the best you can approach waterproofing contractor Singapore

Meanwhile you can check out these fiveamazingbenefits of getting your home waterproofed. 

1. It Enhances the Value of Property

Waterproofing does not only add a veneer of protection to your house but it also adds a noticeable monetary value to the market value of your house property. Suppose you intend to sell your home in the upcoming years, you wouldprobably recuperate the charges of waterproofing protection in the sales price. It is asmart investment that does not deteriorate in efficacy with time. 

2. It Provides a Healthy Environ

Did you know that it only takes approx. 48 hours for mold to grow on a damp surface? Initially, there are no visible signs of infection in the affected area, but the bacteria are still present. Long-term exposure to mold can lead to many ailments such as asthma, eczema, bone disease, fever, and more. Waterproofing your home can improve the air quality inside your home, preventing mold risks in humid areas.

3. It Ensures Flood Repair Freedom

According to insurance company statistics, flood damage accounts for 24% of all home insurance claims. As we all know, the more claims you have, the higher your premium will be. To avoid paying higher premiums for your home, have your home waterproofed by a professional to reduce the risk of water and flood damage.

4. It Prevents Furniture Damage

In addition to protecting the building itself, waterproofing keeps the contents of the building safe and dry. In a residence, this can mean that the building’s furniture and electronics are protected from water damage from drips and leaks. High-priced items frequently damaged by these leaks include laptops, computers, and TVs.

To make matters worse, water can damage valuable items such as photos and paper documents. Flooding damage to critical equipment or documents in commercial and industrial facilities can result in significant financial losses. Proper waterproofing and regular inspections ensure the safety of passengers and equipment.

5. It Improves Atmosphere

Waterproofing prevents mold, mold and other unpleasant bacteria from growing in crevices inside buildings. The moisture in the water can increase humidity and create a desired surrounding for harmful bacteria and microbes to thrive. The presence of these harmful substances degrades air quality over time.

Waterproofing is often a low priority or removed from pre-construction plans that focus on project specifications of mansion construction and other factors such as site development. Waterproofing is also one of the factors that increase the overall construction budget the most due to the complexity of the process. Waterproofing is definitely a worthwhile investment that will benefit developers and owners in the long run.

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