What are The Benefits of a Plunge Pool?

Plunge Pool

The first question you may ask is what is a plunge pool?

Not everyone has the money to afford a swimming pool and some people who can actually afford a pool may not have the physical space at their home to install one. If you fit into this category then don’t panic as there is a solution for you and what’s more you can be swimming in a Fresh Water Pool.

A plunge pool is a compact deep swimming pool designed for the purpose of lounging, soaking or wading in the water. They are designed for people mainly in warmer climates who enjoy just sitting in the pool maybe on a purpose built ledge drinking a cup of coffee or having a beer or w in sat in the water.

You can’t really swim in a plunge pool but you can do physio and tone by doing exercises in the pool. Due to the new sanitising system from Quest you are able are to convert the water in the plunge pool into a freshwater system. This helps incredibly if you are using the pool for exercise due to no chemicals affecting your breathing giving you a chlorine free swimming pool.

Plunge pools have been supplied with the Quest Fresh Water Pool System

 Or sanitizer across Europe and Australia since 2013. Now with new production facilities in the UK and Asia we are able to produce larger numbers to start to establish a presence in the American market place. The plunge pool concept and freshwater swimming combo are attracting people who are interested not only in the aesthetic value of owning a pool at a lower cost, but to have one with a positive effect on the environment and the health of the bather.

Unlike a full size swimming pool a plunge pool can be installed in a small space. This could be someone back yard, on a balcony, on a terrace etc. The terminology of a plunge pool describes a pool that has been designed with leisure and relaxation rather than an emphasis on physical exercise. You can upgrade a plunge pool and have powerful water jets fitted so you can swim towards the current. This enables the pool to be ideal for physical exercise, physio and other cardio exercise and using a chemical free swimming pool sanitizer.

How big is a plunge pool?

A plunge pool can vary in size, however the average size is around 8 feet x 8 feet, they can go up to around 8 feet x 16 feet in certain types. The shapes can be basically whatever you wish, circles, L shape, rectangle you name it. Most depths of plunge pools would vary from 4ft-8ft deep. People who want to exercise in their plunge pool may opt for a deeper specification.

Heating a swimming pool is a common practice no so much with a plunge pool. Most plunge pools are designed for installation in warmer climates and often have just a cold water supply going to them.

If you are using a Quest chemical free water sanitizer then either a cold or hot water supply can be fitted giving you a freshwater feel in your plunge pool. If however you want a plunge pool heated contact your pool company they can easily fit a heating system to your pool. Most swimming pool owners like a temperature of around 75-85 degrees. Some owners of plunge pools like the temperature to be very cold and use a cold dip to invigorate their body and stimulate the mind.

So what are the benefits for a plunge pool?

There are numerous benefits of owning a plunge pool, some are economically beneficial and some are more alethically advantageous.

The biggest point to consider is using a chemical free swimming pool sanitizer like Quest will reduce your running costs by at least 50-70% compared to using a chemical based system. This combined with the size of a plunge pool compared to a standard size pool will make a massive saving in running costs. So, these are the benefits that spring to mind:

  1. Significantly less to install than a standard pool
  2. Therapeutic and mental stimulation
  3. Easy to keep clean
  4. Limited space means you can still have a pool even if its smaller.
  5. Heating and running costs much lower than a normal pool.

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