Benefits of Selecting Your Own Electric Providers

The long, hot Texan summer invariably takes its toll on people’s purses. With air conditioning humming away all day and night, high utility bills are a given fact. That is one of the reasons why Texans campaigned for and won the right to deregulate electricity.

Way back in 2002, a state legislation deregulated the Texas electricity industry. This legislation gave people the flexibility to select their own Texas electric providers. This put an end to monopolies that dominated the electric industry for years. Following deregulation in Texas, many states followed suit, and although all has not been smooth sailing, there is a feeling that the power to select Texas electric providers puts control back where it belongs – with the consumers.

Even though they are guided by rules relating to generation and transmission of electricity, Texas electric providers have been successful in offering electricity – wholesale and retail – at competitive prices. No wonder Texas has one of the most competitive electric rates in all of the US.

Thus, consumers can now ‘shop around’ for electricity and choose the product that most suits their needs.

* By introducing competition in the field of electric supply, consumers have a chance of making enormous savings on their utility bills, sometimes up to 25%.

* Competition also brings innovative products and new consumer-friendly services. Therefore, if the consumer has the right to choose their Texas electric providers, they can easily determine a product that fits in with their needs, in terms of customer service, green energy services and so on.

* Competition among Texas electric providers may also prove beneficial for the environment as suppliers are encouraged to provide green electricity to consumers and aware consumers can now purchase green energy if they so wish.

* Competition also encourages upgrading or doing away with archaic pieces of equipment used in power generation and transmission. This in turn enables these companies to meet emission criteria and thus companies can recoup the money they have spent on buying new pieces of equipment.

* Also, regulations exist to encourage the production of electricity from wind, solar energy, water and biomass, to name a few. Add to this the fact that the government has promised tax benefits and lower bills, and people have nothing to complain about.

Choose your own Texas electric provider like ENERWISELY by keeping the above points in mind. In this way, consumers not only enjoy competitive rates but also promote environment friendly energy production.

Even though the promised dream of cheap electricity for everyone is still a few years away, Texas electric providers enjoy the support of general consumers and businesses. Electric deregulation is making enormous changes in the American economy and consumers are getting to see greater competitiveness in a market that was once ruled by giant monopolies. With these beneficial changes, it may safely be said that power generation is going places in Texas – and in the rest of the US!

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