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We have curated the most famous architects, profiles, projects and their buildings.

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List of 10 famous architects in the world.

3XN Architects (Danish Architecture)

3XN Architects values curiosity, originality and poetry and has a multi-layered approach. The office works with user-centered methods, fitting each project uniquely to the users and it’s client — with a strong emphasis on humanist design.

3XN builds on a Scandinavian tradition of functionality, clarity and beauty. Each project is a research endeavor that adds to their experience and approach. Each new project rests on the shoulders of many others, yet challenges everything done before.

Atema Architecture

Acumen Fund is a non-profit organization that builds financially sustainable organizations that elevate the lives of poor around the world; primarily through entrepreneurial approaches.

Google, a major investor, donated 4,300 sq. ft. of office space to Acumen to house their headquarters for three years.

Atema Architecture seeks clients who share it’s belief; that making architecture is an opportunity for exploration, that design can improve the world, and that everything we build is a reflection of our values.

We are a LEED-accredited firm, integrating sustainable design strategies into our design process.

We place a particular emphasis on creating strong collaborative teams with our clients, consultants, and builders from the outset of every project.”

Sam Crawford Architects

Established in 1999, Sam Crawford Architects is a young, innovative, design-driven practice, focused primarily on residential design – and more recently, on community projects.

Principal, Sam Crawford is also director of Architects Without Frontiers, Australia, an organization committed to providing architecture to disadvantaged communities throughout the world.

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