What is The Best Fertilizer for Your Lawns?

best fertilizer for your lawns

Whenever you step into someone’s garden or backyard, what sets the tone for you to like is how amazing the lawn looks. That perfectly organized-looking grass warmly welcomes you. In addition, it doesn’t just add an aesthetic purpose to your property, but it also soothes your eyes from the usual pavements and roads; it is like your piece of heaven in your area.

If you think that watering it daily and not stepping on it will keep it alive for a long time, well, it requires more than that. You need to maintain it! And just like a beauty regimen, it has some things that you need to invest in as well.

For this page, we are going to provide a list of the best organic lawn fertilizers. Check them out, and let us help you in keeping a wonderfully maintained lawn. If you want to know more about maintaining your lawns, you can always visit https://gardenandgrass.com/. The list below does not bear the least to the best. They are just here to give you choices depending on your preference.

Top 5 Fertilizer Ideas for Your Lawns

Fertilizer #1: Scotts Green Max Fertilizer

If you are eyeing a fast result, then head for this one. After only three days from application, your lawn will look greener and healthier. It is a result of a boost of iron from the fertilizer. In addition, the grass will look thicker and more robust. If your lawn has broader and stronger grass, then it will not tear apart the moment someone steps on it—either a human or a dog.

Furthermore, if you are busy enough to maintain your lawns, this is the best partner for you. You only need to apply this every six to eight weeks.

Fertilizer #2: Miracle-Gro-Lawn Food

This is the most popular among lawn owners. The reason for that is because it comes with a dispenser that makes the application easier. In addition, the dispenser has built-in instructions on how much you should make. Although the fertilizer is a good thing for the lawn, overapplication will cause damage. That is the reason why you need to follow the instructions written on the dispenser.

Moreover, it is famous for being budget-friendly and affordable. It is also readily available on the market.

Fertilizer #3: Safer Brand 9333 Ringer Fertilizer

If you are an environmental advocate or someone who just loved taking care of mother nature, you should choose this fertilizer. For those familiar with phosphates or phosphorus, it harms the soil and the environment. Yes, it does help in keeping the weeds out and growing out the lawn, but the impact can be too alarming.

This fertilizer brand doesn’t have any phosphate in every set of their products. But it does not lessen the quality of how it deters weeds and maintains the lawn looking healthy.

Fertilizer #4: Scotts Turf Builder

Now, if you are looking for a fertilizer that is cost-effective and phosphate-free, grab this one! You get a lot from an affordable price with this fertilizer. Plus, it can make the grass have more robust roots. Which is essential in keeping them alive and looking healthy during drought or when you water it.

Fertilizer #5: Homemade Fertilizer

Nothing beats homemade! It is readily available, affordable and custom made. Plus, it is eco-friendly as most of the components you will use don’t require any chemically treated. Here are some of the basics available in your home:

  • Beer – the microbes and bacterias present in a beer are essential nutrients for the soil and lawn.
  • Soda – the sugar in it feeds microbes and keeps it healthy.
  • Soap or Shampoo – they are like pore openers. It makes the soil absorb as many nutrients as it needs quickly.
  • Mouthwash – it keeps pests away.

There are lots of DIY recipes! Just check them out and happy-making.

Top 5 Benefits of Lawn Fertilizer

As we mentioned earlier, your lawn is your piece of heaven in your little property. So seeing it all dried up and dying is like seeing your investments go away. So let us all keep a good eye on these grasses.

It keeps the weed away

It is an eyesore to see just one weed towering over your beautiful lawn. And believe us, they don’t grow one by one; they attack teams. So cleaning them out requires time and effort to make sure they are gone. If you have applied fertilizer, there will be a large percentage of fewer weeds.

Healthier lawn

If you will notice, not every property looks healthy and green. Several factors are affecting that. The soil has fewer nutrients, less sunlight, less water, or anything that can affect it. Now to combat those deficiencies, the fertilizer will act on its roles. It will keep off the stress from those tiny grass.

Protect the soil

The lawn may absorb a lot of nutrients from the ground. In that sense, the soil may erode even though the roots of the grass are long enough to keep them. This will cause uneven lands or unwanted holes and even totally destroyed lawns. In this sense, the fertilizer will prevent this from happening to keep nutrients balanced for the soil and the yard.

Produce more oxygen

In this carbon dioxide-polluted planet; we need oxygen to breathe. And if you think that only big trees can provide that, even the most miniature grass contributes to this. And as fertilizer makes those little grass healthy, they can offer better oxygen for us to breathe.

Pest resistance

A well-maintained lawn is very prone to pest infestation. And if it already inhabits your property, you will only count days before it dies. But if you properly fertilize it, you can get rid of them, even on previously infected ones.


We may think that these cute little grass are nurtured by nature alone. But it’s beautification can also rely on our efforts. Understanding what it needs is crucial to make sure your lawn investments would not go to waste. We hope that this page provides the help that you need in understanding what fertilizer suits your lawn.

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