Best Home Decor Shops Online In 2022

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They say the décor of one’s home says a lot about one’s personality, and it appears there’s no truer expression. So your home is your sanctuary, your haven, and there can never be too many resources spent on it to give it the best look.

Interestingly, the internet is a great resource for finding the best home decor shops and getting products. However, with several home decor websites on the internet, the challenge for many is always choosing the right one.

Best Home Décor Websites in 2022

The stress of spending hours surfing the internet going through online shopping sites to end up not getting what you want is something many of us can relate to. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the best home décor websites you can find in 2021. The beautiful part about this is that some of these websites even accept cryptocurrency as payment.

That way, you don’t only buy Litecoin and keep, you can use it to furnish your home.


If you like branded home décor, you can find lots of them on Amazon. Amazon is the largest online marketplace that provides almost everything you need to give your home that desired look. More so, Amazon doesn’t take forever on shipping – just one or two days, and you get your items. Navigating the Amazon website is pretty easy; products are listed according to category and are easy to find.

Amazon doesn’t accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum directly yet – although it says it would soon begin accepting crypto as a payment method for the products.

Amazon works with a crypto company, Butrefill, allowing crypto holders to make purchases on the website. You can use your crypto to purchase gift cards on Butrefill and then exchange the gift card for your goods on Amazon and other online shopping sites.


Due to Walmart being the go-to store for all things home, the website has an extensive collection of décor to buy. The site is easy to navigate – if you have one item in mind, you can search for it and be sure you will find it. The products are listed according to category, price, customer review, material, and size.

One juicy detail about Walmart is that it lets you pay with cryptocurrency for its products. So if you want to change your cash to Bitcoin, Walmart also has that covered through third-party systems. For example, the website’s shipping terms say if you place an order during business days, you can get your goods in 2 business days.


If you are more of an old-fashioned, handmade décor person, you will fall in love with Etsy. The website has an exquisite collection of unique handmade or vintage home décor; you will find what you want here. If you have a specific idea of décor you want, you can employ Etsy’s artists and crafters skilled in making custom projects to bring your idea to life.

Etsy indirectly accepts cryptocurrency for its goods and services, although it doesn’t have an automated service for that yet. Instead, it works with third-party traders in the cryptocurrency market to allow users to pay with digital currencies for home decor available on the platform. Unless you choose otherwise with a vendor, shipping would typically take 30 days.

West Elm

If you want the best of both worlds of modern and mid-century décor, West Elm would be your go-to store. West Elm offers year-round sales and free shipping deals. If you keep your eye out for deals on West Elm, you might get lucky to catch one of the free shipping deals.

Like Amazon, West Elm accepts Butrefill’s gift cards which let you purchase items with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Items are shipped within 30 days of purchase on West Elm.


AllModern, as the name implies, deals in modern home décor – including contemporary and mid-century pieces. The company sometimes offers a 70% discount on home accessories for customers that sign up to receive emails. AllModern website is also easy to use with the products listed according to categories. It is rated as one of the most responsive online platforms to get quality home decor items.

AllModern has gift cards that you can purchase with cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Litecoin and, in turn, use them to purchase home decor items on the website. Purchased goods are dispatched within 1 to 5 business days and get to their destinations within 5 to 10 business days.

Advantages of Paying for Home Decor Items with Cryptocurrency

Paying with cryptocurrency for items gotten from home decor shops has benefits to both the vendor and the customer. Some of the many advantages you get from trading home decor items in cryptocurrencies as a vendor or buyer include:

Lower transaction fees

Merchants like PayPal charge up to 4% per transaction, sometimes more. Cryptocurrency doesn’t charge that high – most charge below 1%. Plus, if you are buying from a different currency from that of the vendor, you escape paying the fees transacting in international currencies attract.

Faster and secure transaction process

Since it is a digital currency, your crypto assets cannot be stolen or misappropriated – except your wallet address details have been disclosed to a third party. Transactions with cryptocurrency are faster than with fiat currency.


Provided you have a mobile phone and internet access, you can transact with cryptocurrency right where you are without the help of anyone. Cryptocurrency is accessible to everyone with or without access to traditional banking systems or other methods of payment.


The cryptocurrency market is decentralized, and transactions are irreversible – cannot be amended by a third party, nor can a charge-back be filed. The only way of reversing a crypto payment is if the recipient returns it.

In conclusion, it is possible to get a home décor and not get the best. You have to be guided by some factors and ensure you buy your home decor items from a reputable online store. If you know where to get the best deals, you are well on your way to making a statement with your home décor!

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