Small Man Cave Ideas On a Budget for Man Cave Lovers

Small Man Cave Ideas On a Budget

Are you searching for the best small man cave ideas on a budget? Then you’re in the right place! In this blog, we’ve listed the top 10 small man cave ideas on a budget including details such as man cave themes, creative ideas, man cave shed ideas, and more.

Before we delve into this list of best small man cave ideas on a budget, let’s first understand the importance and trends of the latest man cave ideas for small and big rooms.

One with originality and practicality that separates you from your house?

The space that will reflect your true identity of being a man is what you need.

But what is the best solution for this need you have?

The best Man Cave idea would have to be the Man Cave shed.

A building that you construct and customize to fit your wants and needs.

But isn’t that why you have a house?

Why build a separate building when you already have a home?

Unless you are a single man, living alone, the home you have is not “your” space.

Even the garage is not your domain if it is used for what it is intended, parking cars.

What Makes A Man Cave?

You may have heard or read the term “Man Cave” and wondered what the heck people were talking about.

The first time I heard the term, I immediately thought of the opening scene in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey where all the ape men were fighting amongst themselves and then they learned how to use tools so they could better fight amongst themselves.

Funny and sad as that image is in my head, it’s not at all representational of what a Man Cave really is.

Basically, a Man Cave is a dedicated room where a guy can relax and unwind by himself (or with his buddies), drink an ice-cold beer and watch the game without any interruptions.

It’s kind of like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, but without all the crystals (and more sports talk and beer).

These rooms aren’t all about solitude, though– they give guys a place to hang out and do what men do.

One thing men love to do is compete. Don’t believe me?

Go to your local bar and watch some competitive dart games, or watch a weekly pool tournament.

Guys love to compete. Whether we’re talking about sports competition in general, video games, darts, chess, pool, pinball, or other table games really depends on the man.

Playing games of skill are particularly entertaining way for a bunch of guys to spend an evening.

I think this hearkens back to when prehistoric men had to hone their hunting skills as a group or go hungry, but I’m certainly not an expert.

The typical Man Cave aesthetic is usually something steeped in sports memorabilia, beer appreciation and competition.

Some bachelors even dedicate their entire homes to the pursuit of this aesthetic, hanging banners with their favorite sports team on the wall, keeping team logo drinkware and barware on hand, and a large, easily viewable television.

While it’s easy for a bachelor to accomplish this feat, it might be a little more difficult for married men to completely claim one room of the house for their own (and especially difficult to accomplish if you have kids).

In these cases it might be easier to claim a single room outside of the day-to-day living area in the house.

A garage, basement, porch, deck, outbuilding or shed might be the perfect place for you to claim in the name of Man Cave enjoyment.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to have electricity, TV signal and an internet connection in your man cave, so don’t kick the kids out of the tree-house just yet.

I hope this article sheds some light on the concept of Man Caves and gives you some motivation to make your own.

Man Caves can enrich your life and give you a place to call your own.

After you have a Man Cave to call your own, you’ll wonder how you ever made it so far without one.

What Is The Best Small Man Cave Idea On a budget?

A man needs a space that is totally his. It can be for tools, hobbies, watching sports with the guys, or a secluded place to work.

Almost sounds like the club house on The Little Rascals doesn’t it?

Even if you have very little experience in building, you can put this backyard shed up like it was built like a pro.

The secret to doing this is having a good set of shed plans.

Not the freebies that leave you in the dark either.

Clear, simple shed plans can mean the difference between a place for a man to chill out or a place you can only dream about.

The outside of your testosterone cave does not need to be that of a typical backyard shed or tool shed.

It can be woodsy with log siding, custom garage with roll up doors, or made to appear like a true rock cave.

Where the real fun comes in is customizing your Man Cave to fit your personality.

Regardless of the “purpose” of this sanctuary, you can insulate, drywall, put electricity in, heat and air conditioner.

Decorate to your liking whether it be NASCAR, fishing, hunting, beer, or just anything you want your Man Cave to be. It is yours!

Adding the workshop of your dreams, a big screen TV, that favorite recliner, pool table, game table, a custom bar, or what ever you like will have this place screaming out your name in no time. Just think, all of this came to be because you had the right set of shed plans.

With all of this considered, is there any question as to what the best Man Cave idea is?

Didn’t think so. Guess there isn’t anything left to say except, “Get those Man Cave plans and get started”!

Having been married for 25 years (to the same man) qualifies Kathy Lund on knowing that a man needs his space.

The perfect solution (for both Kathy and her husband) is the Man Cave shed.

If this is of interest to you and you want to know how simple it really is to create the ultimate testosterone cave of your dreams, then check out Man Cave idea.

Best Man Cave Idea Is To Build Your Own Man Cave

The man cave is the pinnacle for male entertainment and this can be done with low budget of course.

From whaling on your guitar or drum set to having a place of peace and solitude to watch your alma mater triumph.

Well not complete peace, but peace from anyone and anything that becomes a distraction.

You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty hard to come by an extra room in your house dedicated to chilling.

Chilling is an art that takes much practice and can only truly be mastered over time.

Therefore it gets lost pretty quick in hustle and bustle of family life.

Though like riding a bicycle with the right tools it can quickly be relearned.

The tools needed chilling are a room, a comfortable chair or couch, maybe both, and a large television.

These aren’t too difficult to find, yet it’s hard when your wife simply won’t allow it. And honestly, it can be damn near impossible to convince her that it is a necessity.

The small man cave is a destination, a place to escape those who don’t understand the value of sport.

Watching your team lose is not only painful, but when you have amateurs asking, “What are those yellow flags that fly into the screen?” it can get pretty frustrating.

I mean if you have that kind of patience then you are lucky!

Because at being asked to help with dinner on fourth and two is impossible!

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the game and distractions only pull you away making you less of a fan.

Because come Monday when everyone gathers around the water cooler to discuss the greatest game-winning drive in history, you weren’t there.

Since this mantuary is not happening inside the home and the garage could never become the Garage Mahal with that giant minivan and storage taking its place a new space is needed. How about an addition?

Yeah right that’s going to cost and arm and a leg.

The only real solution is a shed. Yeah, a shed. Sounds cheap and undesirable?

Think again.

Those are a thing of the past; you can create a shed that will be the man cave of your dreams with only a few weekends work and you can save that extra money to equip your cave with all its necessary features.

Plus it won’t be hard to enlist some friends to help considering they will be getting just as much use out of the space as you.

Now here is the cool part. You can build your man cave at unbelievable prices.

There is nothing like building your private space that will increase the value and marketability of your house.

Take the advice from male architects that know a thing or two about building.

Visit for the best man cave shed designs and plans on the planet.

HIU has comprehensive ideas, plans, instructions; cost analysis spreadsheets, video training, coaching…you get the point.

If you can’t get the job done with our help…there’s no helping you!

How To Design A Small Man Cave The Right Way

Men need a place to unwind.

The thing is, it’s actually a lot harder for men to unwind then women. The reason for this is simple: it’s hard for a man to unwind when there are so many things going on around him.

Sure, you can go to the living room and watch some sports, but unless you have the area to yourself it’s hard to really sit back and enjoy, especially when a child or a significant other wants to talk and “hang around”.

That’s why the idea of a man cave has become so popular in recent years.

A man cave is a room that is all about the man: sports, beer, games, etc.

If you like it then the man cave is the place to do it.

When it comes to how to design a man cave, it’s really a person thing.

First things first: find a place for a man cave. Traditionally a man room is in an out of the way location that a man can get away.

This traditionally includes places such as basements, enclosed garage areas, and small, out of the way rooms.

Since you are typically building a man room from scratch, it doesn’t technically have to be anything that special.

So when your asking how to design a man cave you are probably wondering what needs to be in there?

Traditionally you need at least one big screen television (depending on how many sporting events you want at once), a fridge for beer and food, a couple of couches, and some nice “manly” decorations.

Guys love to compete. Whether we’re talking about sports competition in general, video games, darts, chess, pool, pinball, beer pong, golf pong or other table games really depends on the man. 

When it comes down to it, a man space is a social area that is meant for more than one man.

While it might be a place to relax by yourself, it’s also a place to invite your friends over for an evening.

With this in mind, you may want to put in a bar complete with stools, some social games like darts and Foosball, and maybe even a card table if you are looking to do a little bit of card play.

If you are wondering how to design a man cave in a small room, stuff like a bar and a Foosball table are not absolutely needed.

When it comes down to it, a man cave is a place to get away from. You don’t have to be into sports or into drinking to have a man cave.

Heck, it can be a place where you build model ships or do your stocks.

The trick to how to design a man cave is to make it comfortable for you or the special man in your life.

Fine Tune Your Sports Themed Man Cave

You’ve pretty much done everything to make your Man Cave the best it can be.

You’ve taken the time to pick out the perfect television, subscribed to the right broadcast service so you can follow your favorite teams, painted the walls, rearranged the furniture, and even built a home bar!

Now all that’s left for you is to give your Man Cave some finishing touches that will help to make it really shine.

Team Logo Drinkware

Best Man Cave Ideas
Team Logo Drinkware – Best Man Cave Ideas

Nothing will help you put your mark on your Man Cave more than some drinkware emblazoned with your favorite sports team’s logo.

Every time you get your friends another round while watching the game, you’ll be reminded why you took the huge effort upon yourself to make a Man Cave in the first place.

It may seem like a small thing, but seeing your team’s logo on your drinking glass makes it seem like you’re living in a sports oasis far away from the rest of the world.

Sports Decor

Best Man Cave Ideas
Sports Decor – Best Man Cave Ideas

Similar to team logo drinkware, you’ll find that having the right sports decor will add yet another layer to your Man Cave’s awesomeness.

After all, a room is just a room if there aren’t any posters, banners or flags on the wall.

Once you’ve covered the walls in your sports den with memorabilia it will have an entirely different feel to it and make watching the game that much more special.

One great benefit of stocking up on both team logo drinkware and sports decor is that you can change your Man Cave’s look depending on the season.

How cool would it be to have a full set of MLB glasses and banners to enjoy in the summer and then be able to switch to your NFL set in the fall?

Bar Accessories

It’s always a good idea to stock up on bar supplies if you ever plan on having friends over- even more so if you’ve already taken the time and effort to put in a home bar!

Having the right bar accessories on hand for use in your Man Cave will make life (and opening bottles and mixing drinks) so much easier that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

This is one concept that most people overlook either by accident, or because they don’t think they really need to invest in bar accessories.

The truth is, once you go out of your way to make a special room for the sole purpose of enjoying sports and having your buddies over, not having at least a basic set of bar supplies makes you look woefully unprepared as a host.

Don’t be that guy!

I hope you’ve found these ideas for fine tuning your Man Cave helpful and that you’re able to take something from this article and put it into action right away for your own Man Cave.

The most important benefit of adding all of these finishing touches to your Man Cave and fine tuning your decor is that once you’re finished, you’ll have a personalized room that is like no other and truly your own.

Is the Nintendo Wii Idea Right For Your Man Cave?

In this guide, I’ll break down the Nintendo Wii game console in terms of how it provides entertainment for you in your home bar, game room or Man Cave.

A fan favorite since its release in 2006, the Nintendo Wii revolutionized the way we all play video games through the use of their super intuitive and innovative gesture based input method (the Wii mote).

The Good:

The Wii is probably the most fun, engaging and innovative video game system out there.

There’s definitely a learning curve to be sure, but that won’t even cross your mind because you’ll be having too much fun to realize it.

Nintendo also has a slew of exclusive games that you just can’t play anywhere else other than on a Wii. All the Super Mario Brothers, Zelda and Metroid games are all fan favorites and many people buy a Wii just to be able to play one of them.

Another thing to put in the “plus” column is that just recently, the Wii gained the capability of streaming Netflix movies (thanks to a special free disc from Netflix), so if you have a Netflix account, you’ll be able to stream anything from Netflix’s growing library of instant watch movies and television shows right from the comfort of your Man Cave.

The Bad

The big drawback for gamers nowadays is that the Wii doesn’t support a High Definition signal output.

Almost everybody has upgraded their old TVs to Hi-Def flat screens and unfortunately, the Wii’s less than spectacular picture quality is really apparent when viewed on these better screens.

The problem is that the Wii can’t make use of your TV’s HD capabilities and the picture ends up looking a little ragged at the edges.

The maximum signal output you can get from a Wii is 480p and the low-end HDTVs available support at least 780p, leaving the Wii physically unable to compete.

You can mitigate some of the picture quality problem by upgrading from the standard composite cable to a component cable, but the fact is the Wii just isn’t an HD device.

The Bottom Line

The average lifespan of a video game console is roughly five years, so it seems extremely likely that Nintendo is already putting the finishing touches on their next big console.

On the internet, rumors and speculation about possible features and hardware specs are plentiful (and sometimes dubious), but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the next console Nintendo releases will be able to handle HD output, thus eliminating this one big caveat. If you’re on the fence about picking up a Wii for your Man Cave or game room, you should really wait until Nintendo releases their new system.

Projector Idea To Paint A Team Logo On Your Man Cave Wall

You’ve really gone out of your way to make you Man Cave special.

You’ve chosen the right colors to paint your walls, but you’re looking for something more.

Something that will truly set your sports room apart from the rest of the crowd. That something might be a huge version of your favorite team’s logo on your wall for everyone to admire.

This guide has nothing to do with decals (because they don’t even make them that big, anyhow!).

There are two basic methods of reproducing a team logo on your wall: Using the Grid Method and using a projector.

In this section, I’ll cover the projector method.

Gather your materials

The first thing you’ll need to do is to acquire a copy of your team’s logo.

This simple step is as easy as doing an image search for your “team’s name” + logo.

It’s important to find a version of the logo that has sharp lines and no background behind it.

You’ll want to make sure the image is fairly large, too (I’d say at least 400 pixels in width or height).

There are plenty of places on the internet to find your team’s logo, and you’ll eventually find one that will work out just fine.

You’ll also need to pick up some paint that matches each of the colors in your team’s logo (including black for the outlines), a couple of large paintbrushes to fill in larger areas of color and a couple small brushes for adding details and for getting into smaller areas.

If you are going to be using an overhead projector, you’ll need to print your logo out onto a piece of transparency.

You can pick up transparencies at office supply stores like Staples and Office Max.

If you have a projector connected to your computer, all you have to do is set it up and open the file in your favorite image editor.

Project and paint

This is probably the easiest way to paint a team logo on the wall at a large size.

Now that you’ve found the right image, you’ll want to project it on the wall you intend to paint it on.

Once you have the image projected on the wall, you can play around with the positioning a bit and adjust the size to make sure you love the way it looks.

Once you have the logo in just the right place, you’ll want to use a pencil to trace the basic shapes and lines onto the wall.

Now for the fun part- get your paintbrushes out and fill in the blanks!

Think of this as one huge “paint by the numbers” kit.

This method makes it easier to see which color goes where, because you can keep the projector on while you paint.

Make sure to turn the projector off every so often to admire your progress and see where you still have left to paint.

There’s nothing like using your high-tech gadgets in interesting ways to make your Man Cave a better place.

Personalizing your dedicated sports room with a hand painted team logo will not only give you a sense of pride for a job well done, but it will also impress your buddies at game time.

Top 5 Reasons To Put A Man In A Man Cave Shed

Things have changed through out the years but a man still needs a Man Cave shed.

Why not a garage or basement?

Why a Man Cave shed?

How can it be done?

Is it practical?

Check out these reasons below to build your ultimate Man Cave.

1. Solitude

Yes, the Man Cave Shed can be that place of solitude, where a man and his tools can think. A fortress of sorts.

Okay, maybe that’s a little overboard. How about just a place to work on his motorcycle or favorite car?

It can also be called “The Den of Men” where the guys can watch games and drink beer. No kids allowed!

Now I bet that sparks some interest, right?

2. Pricing

There could certainly be sticker shock if you have priced any of the pre-made sheds from the home centers.

Thousands of dollars for just the small 8′ x 12′ shell.

That usually doesn’t include the flooring, insulation, drywall, or any of the bells and whistles that you would want to put in the inside.

3. Satisfaction

What’s the solution for this amazing idea if you are tapped out on those kind of funds at the moment?

That’s easy, just build it yourself. Yes, you can, with the proper set of wood shed plans. That’s what is beautiful about it.

With a set of good quality shed plans you will be able to build it even if you have never picked up hammer and it will look like you have been building sheds all your life.

Experienced woodworkers will be surprised at how fast and easy it is to build it like a pro.

4. Gathering Place

The backyard is the perfect place for men to gather and with the Man Cave in the backyard, well what could be better?

They can talk about what they want, be as loud as they want, and even be as messy as they want.

NOTE: Cleaning of this facility is totally up to the man.

5. Appreciate Each Other

Let’s face it, being a couple and being together too much will wreck havoc on even the best of relationships.

Being able to each have your own space is the best therapy there is.

A good quality set of wood shed plans will also include the how to’s like to install a floor and how to install the correct windows for your Man Cave Shed.

These are usually the”extras” that home centers want to up sell you on. This shed will be better because you are building it for quality, not quantity.

So now you know that the key to a good quality Man Cave shed is in the good quality shed plans.

What is most important is what you do with it on the inside. NASCAR theme, Vikings, Yankees, hunting, fishing, backwoods, it is entirely up to you.

5 Creative Ideas For Creating Small Man Cave On a Budget

If you have always wanted to devote an entire room to the greatest game ever invented during the history of mankind, then this section will offer you some ideas on how to make this dream a reality.

Big or small, your NFL Man Cave will be the single best place in your house not only to watch the game, but also for watching movies, entertaining friends, and for gaming.

Take a look through the tips below for a primer on creating an NFL Man Cave you can be proud of.

1. The Room

Best Man Cave Ideas
The Room – Best Man Cave Ideas

The first step for anyone who seeks to create their own NFL Mecca should center on room selection.

I have found that garages, basements, screened porches, or patios tend to have the most potential.

Having direct access to the outdoors for pizza deliveries and beer runs is certainly a plus, but not necessarily a deal breaker if you can’t manage it.

After you’ve chosen the location, you next want to start planning the layout and overall character of your room.

2. The Layout

Best Man Cave Ideas
The Layout – Best Man Cave Ideas

This one’s actually pretty straightforward and intuitive for most avid NFL fans.

The room’s focal point is going to be the television, so make sure that you plan the layout so that the most number of seats can be placed around it and that every seat will have a clear, unobstructed view.

Simply plan the rest of the room’s furnishings (like mini fridges, home bar setups, memorabilia shelves, etc) around keeping things from obstructing the screen and you’ll be golden.

If you can, it would be practical to plan out where things will go without actually moving them in because you’ll want to complete the next step before you flood the room with new furniture.

3. The Decor

Best Man Cave Ideas
The Decor – Best Man Cave Ideas

The colors of your NFL Team will certainly play a major role in the design of the room.

Fortunately, most hardware stores have these paint schemes available, and if not, they can mix any color imaginable.

I suggest trying your local hardware or paint stores first, but the big box stores would also be able to help you in a pinch.

Once you have the paint, decide how you want to lay it out on the walls (stripes, top and bottom, etc). You might also want to try your hand at prominently painting your team’s logo on the wall.

In addition to an awesome paint job you should also have some NFL merchandise on display.

Items like bobble heads, team lamps, large rugs that resemble a football field, flags, banners, and countless other decorations really bring your room up to that next level.

Framed and autographed jerseys of the heroes from your NFL Team should also serve as a cornerstone for showing off the colors you bleed.

4. The Tech

Best Man Cave Ideas
The Tech – Man Cave Ideas

In addition to displaying your team merchandise and colors, an Ultimate NFL Man Cave MUST have two essential items to warrant such a designation: a home bar and an HD television.

The TV should be large enough so that everybody can see it clearly and have a decent speaker system so you don’t miss any bad calls.

An often overlooked component for a set up like this is a current generation game console.

For those who think they’re better off without a dedicated gaming system, consider this: with a Sony PS3, you can play Madden, watch Blu Ray movies, surf the Web and stream Netflix (and it’s cheaper than a regular Blu Ray player).

Adding a game console to your set up makes the room for more usable when there’s no football to watch.

5. The Beverage Strategy

Best Man Cave Ideas
The Bevarage Strategy – Best Man Cave Ideas

Admit it, having to walk through the entire house to grab a drink from the kitchen could mean you miss a 75 yard touchdown pass or the humor of watching a field goal kicker pull his hamstring after making a 28 yard field goal in the 3rd quarter.

Keeping your drinks close by means you can remain close to the action. Whether you simply keep a bucket of ice filled with drinks by your side, a stocked mini fridge in the corner, or go the whole hog and install a fancy wet bar and a kegerator, you’ll be better off than if you never came up with a beverage strategy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that, at the very least, I’ve been able to impart a few solid ideas for your own adventure into the challenge of creating an NFL Man Cave.

When all of this comes together, you will never want to waste money in an over priced sports bar again because you will have created your own favorite hang out spot right in your own home.

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