Tools That Good Plumbing Company Must Have

There are few important factors that determine the overall service quality of the plumbing companies. The range of tools used by the plumbing companies is one such factor. Plumbing related tasks can range from the simple to the highly complicated ones. For example, it is really easy to install a water or gas pipe; however, the installation or repairing of valves and other fixtures is not so simple. Specialized tools are required for such tasks. This is the reason why the good plumbing companies always keep their range of tools updated.

So, if you are looking to hire a good plumbing company or if you are planning to set up a plumbing company, you should definitely go through this article. It will provide you an idea about the tools that every reputed and reliable plumbing company has. Take a look below.

Top 10 Must Have Tools for Plumbing

Collection of channel locks

Also known as tongue and groove pliers, these locks serve a lot of purpose to the plumbers. There are many instances where plumbers make use of channel locks instead of pipe wrenches. Most of the experienced plumbers use a pair of channel locks simultaneously. So, a box of plumbing tool will be incomplete without the channel locks.


Without any doubt, plumbing related tasks are not easy. But, the presence of hacksaw certainly adds a little relief to it. When it comes to chopping down any kind of pipe, nuts, screws, or bolts, you can definitely rely on the efficiency of high quality hacksaws. For regular use, you can purchase the average quality ones.

Basin or tap wrench

For repairing or replacing the taps, the use of basin wrench turns out to be absolutely vital. Being self-tightening in nature, the tap wrench adds more convenience to the whole process. If you are ready to shell out a little more, you can go for the telescopic shank models; these models are expensive, but the render excellent accuracy.

Pipe wrench

There is no need to mention that pipe wrench is the staple of any kind of plumber tool kit. If you check out the market, you will come across a wide array of pipe wrenches to choose from. The applications and sizes of these wrenches differ, and hence you need to purchase the ones which best suit your requirements. It is better to purchase pipe wrenches as a kit, because it will help you save some good amount of money.


We all know that sometimes plumbers have to work in dark and dingy places, such as basements, attics, under cupboards, etc. In such areas, the availability of light is usually quite low; for this reason, it is crucial that the plumbers should carry a torch with them. A good quality torch can help the plumbers to perform the task more efficiently and accurately.


Yes, even a bucket is extremely useful for the plumbers. There are many ways in which plumbers make use of buckets at the time of working on plumbing tasks. For example, when it comes to repairing leakages in a pipe, the use of bucket becomes almost necessary.

Pressure tester

We often see that pipes get damaged due to high pressure of water or gas flowing inside them. So, in order to ensure the pressure in the pipes is at normal level, a plumber would need a pressure tester. There are two main types of pressure tester available; one for water pipes and another for the gas pipes. In this regard, it is important to go for the best and reputed brands. If you go with the cheap ones, you might end up getting wrong readings.

Chain Pipe cutters

There are many other names of this tool, such as pipe slice, single handed pipe cutter, and automatic pipe cutter. A good quality chain pipe cutter is capable of cutting through almost all kind of pipes without any kind of issue. For accurate results and smooth finishing on the cuts made, you should invest on the high quality cutters.

Adjustable spanners

This tool is for every professional who has to work with nuts and bolts, and even fastening. When you are equipped with good quality and well designed pair of spanners, you are able to work on the compression joints in a much better way. The chance of causing any damage to the pipe-work diminishes considerably.

Blowlamp and gas

No doubt, every professional plumber has this essential tool in their assortment. This tool is used for making water-tight joints and seals. The blowlamps are used for sealing as well as repairing copper pipes. When you purchase a blowlamp, make sure it is of high quality. Otherwise, the flame produced will not be of high temperature.

So, those were the top ten tools that every Brisbane North Plumber should have. Apart from them, there are many more that can be added to the plumbing tool kit. So, go for the best ones.

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