Buying Rugs: 6 Trends to Watch for in 2022

Rug Trends

If you’re serious about your home decor, you must invest in a quality rug. The kind of aesthetics and warmth that rugs offer is unmatched. Perhaps your style is bolder or maybe it’s more simplistic.

No matter what, it’s good to watch out for these rug trends in 2021 so you can pick the right one and add a personality to your house. So, before you start looking for a rug store near me, be sure to read this post –

List of The Top Rug Styles for 2022

Rug Styles

Bohemian Rugs

A typical bohemian rug is made of natural fiber and is flat-woven. The artistic patterns are complex, busy, and come in vibrant colors. The highlights are vivid and the tones are subdued.

It’s amazing how versatile bohemian rugs are. That means they go well with any decor and not just a boho one. If you have an eclectic personality, they will particularly go with your style. There are a million ways to play around with them. Use them for statement chairs, wooden coffee tables, throw pillows with geometric designs, or African textiles. The key is to mix and match it with surrounding decor.

For a more quirky/playful touch, pick a rug with fringy details or a distressed design to really capture the boho feel.

Casablanca Rug

To celebrate the craftsmanship of the Morrocan rug weavers and bring a piece of beauty from this exotic land, invest in a quality Casablanca collection. These rugs are a combination of flokati and fine shag rugs.

They exude a look of luxury and plush, yet offer a timeless beauty that fits contemporary design trends. These rugs are hand-tufted to create a clean design and natural fleece tones; all of which is a staple to the organic simplicity inherent to the Morrocan rug artistry.

Contemporary Rugs

These are famous for offering a robust look. Contemporary modern floor rugs come in an endless variety of designs such as abstract, dream moodscapes, and retro chic. You can easily find some with floral motifs on one side and bold patterns sewn across the other. That’s why no matter your style, there’s always one for you.

You can instantly elevate your home decor by picking a contemporary rug which is the right size and the right pattern. These rugs work best when paired with eclectic accessories and furniture. They are perfect for all kinds of moods – playful, formal, fun, romantic; you name it.

Cairo Rug

Also known as Egyptian floor covering, Cairene rugs are thought to have originated/made somewhere near Cairo. The timing is estimated to be somewhere between the early 15th century to the 18th century.

It was the Mamluk dynasty that saw the early production of these rugs. They are characterized by central geometric schemes featuring complex octagons, large star shapes, and polygonal centerpieces. They were subdivided into a multitude of clustered and tiny radial forms. Go with these, if you watch to capture a piece of time.

Vintage Moroccan Rug

They also go by names like Berber rugs. Known for being asymmetrical, they mostly sport colorful, abstract designs. Moroccan rugs offer unmatched exuberance to any home decor. Another thing about Moroccan rugs is their bold geometric designs and color patterns. Every rug carries with it a piece of history and is a mark of true folk art. It will be a perfect heirloom if you plan on passing it down to the generations.

These rugs are said to have originated somewhere during the mid 19th century. Since then, they have taken the home decor industry by storm. You can think of these rugs as a cross between western and central Turkish rugs. A typical rug is a highly versatile and timeless piece of art that is unlikely to go out of style even in the middle of changing trends.

Traditional Rug

Traditional rugsare perfect for you if you have a thing for Asian and European design patterns. These are a staple in a majority of offices and homes. Traditional rugs are perfect for creating an elegant look. If you share a deep love for antique things, this is the rug for you. Made of ornate patterns and materials; they will tantalize your artistic side.

One thing about traditional rugs is how versatile they are. Based on the intricacy of the design you can go with a masculine and a soft feminine vibe. They lend a perfect combination of coziness and sophistication. Place them in your living or dining room to add life to those places. They work best when paired with light accessories and neutral colors.

Buying Guide For Rugs

One thing to always remember while going rug shopping is – scale. Scaling everything is mega important based on how loud/quiet you want the piece to look. If the space is small, go with quite monochromatic textures and style. For a bigger space, you can experiment with energetic patterns and vibes to create a more busy look.

However, before you focus on the style (vintage, colorful, natural), it’s important that you think of the functionality first. This way, you can pick the right kind of fabric such as hand-knotted wool, jute, sisal, etc.

Bottom Line

Rug-buying should be an artistic experience. A beautiful journey! So, take your time. Do some research and accordingly pick a design that appeals to your aesthetic palette.

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