What Is The Best Security Apartment Alarm System?

There are shocking facts with regards to apartment burglaries and statistics show that every 15 seconds an attempted burglary takes place. Even with people inside their apartments there is still around a 50 percent possibility of the burglary happening. So from this we can deduce that an apartment is being broken into anywhere, at any moment – and it could even be you.

So it is very obvious that we need to protect our apartments to make them safe and secure and protect the occupants inside. So what is the best security solution to secure your apartment?

By installing a burglar alarm system for your apartment you will drastically reduce the chances of a burglary which can only help in discouraging intruders and break-ins. There are many manufacturers on the market today and some of the big names recommended are ADT security systems, Brinks home security systems and GE home security. All produce high quality alarm systems and it is an individuals choice as to which suits their requirements and pocket.

Of these suggested alarm systems you will have a choice of hardwired or wireless security apartment alarm systems and there is a fundamental difference between the two. Both offer advantages and disadvantages and it is helpful to realize the differences.

A hardwired apartment alarm system is certainly a permanent fixture in your home and thus requires the necessary installation to make it so. It will be very reliable and there will be no chance of interference and will give many, many years of trouble free service.

However, bear in mind there could be a significant cost overhead for installation let alone all of the disruption that is caused in the process. You may need walls channelling out to accommodate cabling and may end up with unsightly cables here and there. Also, check with your landlord that you are allowed to do such work on the property. They will expect a quality job and this could cost.

On the other hand a wireless apartment alarm system is considerably easier to install. In fact, a keen do-it-yourself enthusiast can install a wireless alarm in around 2 hours. There will be no unsightly cables and if you can use a screwdriver you should be able to install a wireless alarm system.

The great advantage of a wireless system is that when you move apartments, you can easily uninstall it and take it with you. With a hardwired system you could spend hundreds in installation costs only to leave it behind when you move.

Wireless alarms used to have a reputation for suffering from interference and triggering false alarms but these days this is virtually a thing of the past and you will have no problems. The only slight downside is that you will have to replace batteries in the wireless sensors once in a while but this is a small price to pay given the flexibility that wireless systems have to offer.

If your budget is low but you still have a need to secure your apartment then buy a basic wireless alarm starter pack. This will typically have all the components needed for a full security system but will have one or two sensors. This will be enough for now to set you up and going. At least your apartment will be protected. Later on, when your funds allow, you can purchase additional sensors and install them one by one.

So all this might sound obvious, but try dong this with a hardwired system. With a hardwired system you only want to pay for the installation cost once, which means you have to buy all of your alarm components up front – if you can afford then this is fine, but for those on a budget it can be seen a wireless security system for your apartment seems a very attractive security option indeed.

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