Building a Fountain in Your Garden is Easy Now


Modern era of today demands aesthetic added value to our homes. These days more attention is given towards the beautification’s of our homes with various addictions done to interiors and exteriors of our homes. And until fairly recently Garden Fountains have emerged with more demand on the clock. These garden fountains give a beautiful calmness to our busy scheduled lives. Nowadays various options are available to make the process of installation easier and with less hassle.

In past days, most of the garden fountains were very simply patterned; it was just a spray of water emerging from the pool. But with modern era of inventions, there are many new types and varieties are emerging in the market for the beautification of the gardens. These days many options are available to choose from according to ones own temperaments, budget, and taste of style.

Major Variety Available In the Market Are

– Wall Mounted Lion Head,
– Geyser Foam Jets,
– Bell Jets
– Solar Powered Jets
– Bubbling Stones, Miles stones, and Boulder fountains

Wall Mounted Lion’s Head

This needs to be build into a backing wall from the outset, and is usually casted in to a block, made from concrete or reconstituted stone. A small pipe is fitted for the water inlet into the mouth. Water pours either into a small suspended reservoir or directly in to the pool below.

Geyser Foam Jet

These are new inventions of modern times for less hassle and with more aesthetic beauty. These are so designed to suck in the air and mix it with the water which with an appropriate pump and nozzle can reach a height of a meter or more.

Bell Jets

Bell Jets create a beautiful glassy mushroom of water by compressing a flow of water from a nozzle, deflecting it outward and downward. With this type of fountain introduction of lighting can produce more dramatic results. But only precaution should be taken is to make sure that the pond water is not dirty or full of debris.

Solar Powered Fountains

These are becoming very popular these days, their out put is though not always as good as substantial as conventional fountains and pumps, but this technology proves very helpful in places where it is difficult to run electricity.These are now becoming widely available,and more efficient.

Bubbling Stones, Millstones and Boulder Fountains

For these types kits are available nowadays from most large garden stores to make the installation easier and efficient. These are suspended by means of a strong grind, sometimes with pebbles or rocks, over an under ground tank of water. The kit available includes a small plastic reservoir and a plastic cover with a central hole for a fountain on a submersible pump below. One needs to be careful in hot weather so as to check with the water level in the reservoir.

An Egg Style Fountain

This style fountain has a timeless, contemporary feel. These too provide an eye of aesthetic value too. If one prefer to see a piece of modern art something that would be both a focal point this comes to rescue. Dimensions of the egg stones can vary according to the style and space available.

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