The Main Reasons Why More Businesses are Opting for Solar Energy in the UK Today


We can’t deny it – we are in the midst of global warming, and our dependence on fossil fuels ‘fuels’ it. Scientists predict that if we don’t cut back significantly by 2030, climate change will drastically affect many countries. If you are running a business, no matter how big or small, it still has an environmental impact. But if you could be more socially and environmentally responsible and reduce your carbon footprint, would you do it?

Many businesses are looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint, and one of the foremost ways you can do so is by investing in a solar panel installation. It not only allows you to reduce your footprint as a business but also gives you significant savings from the rising electricity costs, making you more independent from the grid. In other words, no matter what happens, you will always have a sustainable and renewable energy source. But there are other reasons besides this why more businesses are opting for solar energy in the UK today. Do you want to know the main reasons? Let’s find out. 

Is it ideal for your enterprise?

Of course, before you invest in something, you want to make sure that it’s worth investing in – this makes good business sense. So the big question is this: is it ideal for your enterprise? A majority of the businesses operating in the UK are running during daylight hours – which could already mean significant savings for you. In addition, a solar installation doesn’t require much maintenance – and if you’re interested in knowing more about commercial solar systems, click here

A closer look at the financial returns 

For many companies, one of the best reasons they opt for solar energy is financial incentives. A lot of companies have gained substantially from their solar investment. Just think of this: at the present time’s installation costs, a solar panel system would be able to deliver around 5 pence per kilowatt hour, including the costs of maintenance and operations. Currently, the grid supplies an average rate of 15 pence for every kilowatt hour. 

In most cases, businesses’ solar panel installations can often return profits in as little as 24 months. Your business can quickly recover its initial outlay, and more than this, you will have reduced your carbon footprint and get your energy needs covered for free. 

Protection from the rising costs of electricity 

The experts predict that energy costs will double over the next decade. This is one more reason why solar energy has become a must-have for many companies. With a solar panel installation, your business can ‘forward-buy’ electricity at a set (and secure) price of 5 pence for every unit. This bodes well for your business, as you will never be affected by the rising cost of energy again – and it makes it easier for you to forecast and budget your finances! 

A chance to earn more 

In addition to all of the above, you even have the chance to earn more. A lot of energy providers are eager to purchase excess energy from companies. So, once your solar panel installation is in place, you can set up a contract with a provider – and earn an additional income. 

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