Cheap Chicken Coops Plans On A Budget

Can you think of a better way to wake up on a Sunday morning? You can smell the bacon cooking on the BBQ and hear the eggs sizzling in the pan. What a life and it is even better knowing that your breakfast eggs came from your very own chickens that live in your very own chicken coup that you built yourself.

You are sitting on the deck in the morning sun enjoying the eggs and bacon and you can hear the cackling of the chickens as another egg hits the nest for you. That is breakfast tomorrow you are thinking so pleased that you finally got round to building that chicken coup.

And it wasn’t so hard after all. With the right plans the building job worked out very simply and you were surprised how well it all went together. No more worrying about battery hens or what the hens had been fed before they delivered eggs for you.

You can feed your own chickens now and you know there is no preservatives or additives in their food. Not much work in looking after either. Chickens are pretty easy. You just buy them as point of lay which means they are still young and about to start laying for the first time.

Might have to put up with a few small eggs as they are getting started and then they will serve you well for years to come. If the mornings are cold keep a big old pot on the stove and throw all your scraps in all day. Each morning heat it up with some water and add some bran and stir it well.

There you have a nice hot breakfast for your chickens and they will love you for it with nice fat healthy eggs. As long as the chickens are happy you will get good eggs. If they stay inside permanently keep some fresh hay on the floor to catch their droppings and give them something to scratch in. Every couple of weeks change the straw and use the old stuff on your veggie garden. It is beautifully manured and your veggies will love it.

So get started on that chicken coup now. Get a list of plans and drawings so it is an easy job and you will be enjoying those nice big fat healthy eggs for breakfast in no time.

Affordable Chicken Coop Plans On a Budget

There are two main forms of chicken coops or sheds for your chickens. The type used will depend if the chickens are to be locked inside permanently or are able to run outside in a small yard. Of course they will be much happier if they can get out in the sun and do some scratching in the dirt.

The chicken needs to have small bits of grit in it’s system so it can digest food easier. It even pays to gather shell grit for them if you are near the beach. And of course chickens love grubs and insects and will keep the pests down in your garden.

One of the chicken’s favorite is the termite so if termites are a problem in your area just let your chickens scratch around your house every now and then and they will soon clean up any termites trying to get close enough to eat your house.

While free range chickens are the happiest and the eggs are the best to eat it is not always practical as they will devour your garden as well. Most keep them locked in a yard with a high fence or they will try and fly out. You may have to cut one wing back so they find it hard to fly.

If you have them in a yard there will be room to run a rooster with them too so that your eggs will be fertile. While it is difficult to get a chicken to sit long enough to hatch out her eggs a small incubator is not expensive and can be very entertaining. The kids will love to watch through the glass as the baby chickens crack open the shell and hatch out.

That is another story as you can soon end up with more chickens than you can handle. So you have decided on the style of life your chickens will lead so you can build the chicken coup to suit. There are plenty of plans available for you to choose from and there is no reason why your chicken coup can’t be quite trendy and blend in with your house. Check out the many plans available with the simple step by step instructions and you will soon be on your way to fresh eggs every day.

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