10 Cheap Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas on a Budget

cheap outdoor entertainment area ideas

If you’re planning to spruce up your outdoor living area within your budget, you definitely have a lot of different things to consider to save money.

You’ll want to be sure that you know your porch’s purpose. Do you want it for long one-on-one conversations with close friends and hot coffee, or do you want a deck area that’s meant for entertaining many guests long into the night? It’s a good idea to know how you plan on using your patio area before delving into the planning and purchasing stages of development.

When purchasing materials for your new deck area, you’ll want to consider things like deck railing designs, wood stain colors, decorative columns and posts, as well as outdoor accessories like fire pits, patio string lights and working around large obstacles by designing a functional above ground pool deck.

Remember that the furniture you’ll be relaxing on will be just as important as the beautiful deck area you design. You’ll want to invest in some nice, comfortable furniture with cozy cushions, and you’ll want to consider luxuries like an outdoor Hampton Bay ceiling fan or a screened in porch area to keep the bugs away. Lighting is important, too, especially if you plan on entertaining in the evenings after the sun goes down.

Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas on a Budget

In addition to the deck itself, you’ll want to consider the different kinds of porch railing designs you could include, everything from the columns and posts to the decorative pavers and awnings. When you’re building your own personal oasis, you can design your area however you want. Just be sure it fits both your short-term and long-term needs, and will hold up to extreme weather conditions as well.

Also, be sure to think about maintenance. If your wood requires new stain every year, you may be better off with a more durable material with little or no maintenance required. This will allow you more time to enjoy your outdoor space and less time doing everything you can to keep it looking new and presentable.

After you’ve built your new outdoor retreat, be sure to take some time every night to enjoy it. In a world of stress, something as simple as relaxing on your front porch can make all the difference in your day.

Top 10 Inexpensive Outdoor Entertainment Area Ideas Within Budget

Create Soft Lighting With String Lights

When outdoors in the evening entertaining friends and family, it’s a great idea to think about the kinds of lighting you want in the area. Of course, you don’t want anything too bright and obtrusive, but you do want some sort of soft lighting to allow your guests to easily maneuver around and enjoy an evening out on the patio with friendly conversation.

Patio string lights have become all the rage, and there are so many different styles to choose from.

The first kind are rope lights. These are typically clear, plastic tubes with lights inside that are perfect for placing under hand railings and other places to create a soft glow in the area. The second kind are more like Christmas lights that we are typically familiar with. These hanging bulbs can set the mood for any event or get-together, and are often used even for weddings. The third kind are hanging lanterns. These can be used throughout your yard area to allow children to play even after the sun goes down. These, though, can run you considerably more than the alternatives.

When hanging outdoor patio string lights, it’s a good idea to figure out what style you want and how much light you want them to give off. You’ll want nice, bright lights if you plan on doing activities other than sitting and talking outside, but if that’s all you plan on doing, your lights will not need to be super bright to light the way for other activities. You’ll also want to carefully measure the area to make sure that when you go to the store, you purchase enough lighting to go around the space you’re trying to highlight.

Even if it’s just for safety purposes, it’s always to have any living area well lit for appropriate activities. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, the last thing you need is for a guest to trip down some steps, miss a landing, or bump into any smaller furniture on your patio.

For the safety and fun of others, patio string lights are definitely a consideration when planning your outdoor entertaining space.

Patio Fire Pits Create A Relaxing Area For Entertaining

If you’re from the country, you know how relaxing and fun an outdoor “campfire” can be. But when it comes to city living, most areas have ordinances that do not allow such open fires to be lit within city limits. But don’t let this put a damper on your next evenings entertaining friends and family—consider purchasing a patio fire pit to bring that same feeling and ambiance to your own home for your guests and family to enjoy.

Patio fire pits are perfect for those long nights of drinking wine, listening to music and conversing with close friends. By adding a fire pit outdoors in your entertaining space, you can create the perfect, relaxing area for guests, even if it’s a little on the chilly side after the sun goes down.

There are many options out there when it comes to fire pits. Materials range from wood, cooper, rot iron, and other materials that are created to withstand the heat and outdoor elements. There are many different looks as well, from the fire pits that look more like a fireplace or a wood stove, or something more like a basin to get your wood going is more your style. No matter what you choose, make sure the design and feel of the patio fire pit matches the overall décor and the furniture you already use in your patio area.

If you love home-cooked meats over a raging fire, consider purchasing a grill for your outdoor fire pit. This way, hot dogs, burgers and roasted marshmallows can be the highlight of your party and bring that campfire ambiance to your backyard bash. Other accessories can be purchased for your patio fire pit, including pit covers, spark screens, fire pit stands, and fire pit log grabbers to keep you at a safe distance from the burning wood.

Fire pits offer a wide range of ideas for entertaining and relaxing, no matter how cool it gets outdoors, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space well into the fall season. The warmth of a fire is an excellent companion to warm, friendly conversations out on the porch.

Stucco Porch Columns Create A Grand Entrance

If you’re looking for an easy way to quickly add the look of luxury to the front of your home, it might be a great idea to strongly consider something like stucco porch columns.

Columns are necessary structures to hold up and support the roof of your front porch or your outdoor deck area. But just because they are necessary doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Stucco porch columns are not only inexpensive and affordable, but are virtually maintenance free and are made to withstand extreme weather and temperature changes.

Using a boring porch column will create just an ordinary look to the front of your home. But using stucco posts to class up your deck or porch is a great way to bring curb appeal to your house. The front of your house is the first impression people get of your home, and what better way to invite them in with majestic stucco porch columns that give a sense of regality to your living space. It may create an expensive, grand look to your home, but only you will know that it was inexpensive to purchase, easy to install and requires literally no maintenance on your part whatsoever. What better way to impress your neighbors and guests!

When using stucco columns, be sure they match the general feeling and exterior designs on the front of your home. You wouldn’t want Victorian styled porch columns on a house with a modern feel, and vice versa. Make sure the awnings, design and lighting meet the design aspect of the stucco porch columns you are installing. Also, consider the furniture you are using in your outdoor space and make sure they look nice with the columns you are considering. It’s a great idea to make these plans ahead of time so you can be confident in your purchase.

No matter what style porch you are designing, there is a stucco porch column for you. With quick installation and long-lasting materials, your porch columns will stand out from the rest on your block when chosen carefully and with exterior design ideas and styles in mind.

What Can Columns Do For My Outside Porch Area?

When creating or redecorating your outdoor retreat, one often overlooked area of planning is how you will accomplish front porch support for your porch roof. Whether your porch area is enclosed with doors and screens or open without enclosures, you will still need a roof over your porch to protect you from the weather. And in order to keep that roof above your head, proper support will be needed.

But remember that just because your porch columns need to be functional doesn’t mean they can’t be fancy. Do, however, take into consideration the style you are planning on installing and make sure it fits with the look of the rest of your home, and is not a trendy look that will be out of style in a few years. Columns on your front porch can either make or break the look of your home, so be sure the style of your home is consistent to avoid having the porch appear as an obvious add-on to your home or make your home look in worse shape than it already is.

You have a few different options when it comes to your columns. You have different designs and styles depending on the style of your home, whether you’re looking for modern or traditional. You also have different choices when it comes to materials, porch posts and column wraps. It’s not a bad idea to research your options before making a decision and working with a professional installer to make your dream porch come true.

No matter what style of home you have, there is a column design for you. If looking to add depth and history to an older home, you could consider Greek-styled columns to give that majestic, traditional look. If you want something a little more sleek and modern, it’s a good idea to see the options you have available, whether it be a more streamlined column or something simple with clean lines and little or no details. Whichever you decide on, be sure it is consistent with the look you already have going with your home.

Something as simple as installing columns on your porch area can change the look of your home and property immensely. But knowing your options and considering your budget need to be factors when making decisions regarding the columns that will adorn your front porch.

Screened Porch Plans… Decisions, Decisions!

If you’re looking for the perfect retreat after a long day at work, consider creating a screened front porch on your home. In addition to allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, it can also create the perfect area for a swing and wicker furniture to drink some coffee and entertain some friends with some quiet conversation.

When thinking of enclosing your porch area, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. How much space will you need? This will depend on your plans for the space. Should you screen in your front porch or your back porch? In order to decide, you may consider the view from both ends of the house and decide which one you would rather look at while sipping your coffee in the morning. You also need to take into consideration the materials needed to construct your screened porch area, as well as the cost of construction and long-term maintenance.

If you plan on using the space in the evenings or on hot summer days, it might not be a bad idea to consider some lighting in the area as well as perhaps an outdoor ceiling fan from Hampton Bay. You can also create beautiful columns to support the structure, install screens to keep large bugs from ruining your evening entertainment, and can basically make an expansion of your house with a screened in porch area.

Before consulting with a professional regarding installation, think about how you want to use your new space and design a plan around your needs. If the kids will be using the area to play most days, you’re going to want to aim for durable materials with little maintenance needed. If you want to enjoy quiet conversations with friends over coffee in the mornings, you can go for something a little more elegant and charming without worrying about maintenance or cleaning issues.

With a little bit of design and family consideration, you can create an outdoor expansion to your own home and create the perfect spot for entertaining friends and enjoying a beautiful day no matter what time of year you plan on enjoying your screened porch.

The Pros And Cons Of Hidden Deck Fasteners

When putting together an outdoor deck, it’s a good idea to consider all of your options when constructing your new outdoor living area. One thing that needs to be considered in your plans is whether or not to use hidden deck fasteners to assist in creating a beautiful deck that will last for years to come.

Hidden deck fasteners can run a little bit more than screws or bolts, but they hold up in the long run better than standard building supplies such as those. Nails can pop up causing a hazard for anyone walking on the deck in bare feet, and loose screws can cause the deck boards to warp and then need repairs or replacement. Maintenance is one huge advantage to using hidden deck fasteners.

How much you spend on the hidden deck fasteners will ultimately determine how long your outdoor living space will hold up over time. If you purchase hidden deck fasteners made with cheap plastic, they will not stand up to the strength of wooden deck fasteners and may break while installing them. Wooden deck fasteners are allowed the opportunity to expand and contract when the weather changes, unlike plastic deck fasteners. Not only are they durable, but they also give your deck a clean, polished look and require little or no maintenance. You also need to consider the type and quality of wood that the deck is constructed of to determine the correct type of fastener needed to put your outdoor living space together.

Another advantage to deck fasteners is that only one person is needed for deck installation. This is perfect for those that don’t have the money to hire someone to construct their deck and for those planning on doing it themselves. This alone can save in labor costs and allow your deck building project to be quick and efficient.

The decision to use hidden deck fasteners is one that needs to be made carefully, but remember the phrase “you get what you pay for.” By investing a little money now, you will be helping your patio deck outlast the test of time and remain beautiful for years to come.

Shopping For Deck Stains And Sealers

Having an outdoor deck area for family and friends is a huge investment. With that in mind, it also requires regular maintenance from the owner of the house. Anything that is outdoors needs to be able to stand extreme weather conditions, and the same goes for your deck. By sealing and staining your deck on a regular basis, you will help preserve the look and beauty of your outdoor living space for years to come.

You have numerous options when shopping for the supplies needed to seal and stain your deck. When purchasing a sealer for your deck, remember its purpose: to keep water from soaking into the wood and causing long-term damage. This protects the wood from sunlight as well, keeping the wood looking new and not faded or discolored. Keep in mind that you will need to reapply a sealer every year to protect the life of your deck area, so make it a habit to do so every spring or at the beginning of summer, when your deck will get the most use.

When it comes to stains, you have two main types: oil based stains and latex based stains. It’s a good idea to do your research on both online, looking at ratings of each kind you are considering. Oil based stains are beneficial in the long run, but are a concern for those looking to help preserve their environment and create a cleaner entertaining area for their friends and family. Latex, on the other hand, is said to be as effective as oil based stains, but professionals and homeowners alike tend to differ on these statements. Latex is, however, easier to clean, needing just soap and water to clean residue and stains off of brushes and other staining tools. Although this is not always an important factor for those shopping for deck stains, it is definitely something to keep in mind when tackling a deck staining and sealing project.

By using deck stains and sealers, you can extend the life of your outdoor living are tremendously. The simple process of staining and sealing your deck can give your deck elegance, beauty and some tender loving care to keep it looking great for years down the road.

Deck Railing Designs For Your Outdoor Patio Area

When providing an outside environment for your family, one great investment is a beautiful outdoor deck area for entertaining and allowing the kids some room to play. But when it comes to safety, it’s a good idea to take into the consideration the kind of railings your deck may need to keep family and friends from falling off the deck and getting injured. There are many different deck railing designs, and this article will give you some simple ideas for your own outdoor haven.

There are three main kinds of deck railing designs: wrought iron deck railing designs, glass deck railing designs and wooden deck railing designs.

Wrought iron deck railing designs are a great idea if you’re looking for something that is inexpensive yet highly durable against excessive use, harsh weather and something that will stand the tes of time. If you want to make a wrought iron desk railing more attractive, you can always paint the columns and posts of your railing to give it quick restoration or new life.

Wooden deck railing designs are also cheap, and are the most commonly used kinds of deck railings around. They help create a charming look to your patio area, but they do not hold up as well as wrought iron does in inclement weather. Although affordable, they may be the way to go if your posts and columns are protected by a screen, enclosures or awnings, making them less susceptible to weathering environments.

If you are looking for something highly elegant and modern, you may want to consider the beauty of glass desk railing designs. Glass deck railing designs are generally far more expensive than wood or wrought iron, but they are extremely durable and are created to resist extreme weather conditions and, if they break, they are usually created to have minimal debris.

It’s a good idea to take some of these deck railing design ideas into consideration when thinking of the safety of the guests enjoying your outdoor deck. With the addition of beautiful, comfortable wicker furniture with inviting, soft cushions, your guests are bound to stick around for hours after the party enjoying their outdoor experience!

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