How To Choose The Perfect Fence For Your Property

Do you need a new fence for your garden or your patio?

If you crave more privacy in your outdoor space, need to block a chilly breeze, want to mask a view or want to secure a swimming pool or pond or you simply want to keep your dogs secure in your garden, we have got you covered.

We have put together all the information you need to choose the perfect fence for your needs and for your space of course πŸ˜‹.

8 Best tips to choose the perfect fence for your property

i) Privacy πŸ”

If privacy is your main priority then choosing a fence with little to no space between the boards will be the way to go. Lattice spaced close together combined with foliage and climbing plants can almost be as private as a solid material.

The height of your fence will depend on a number of factors including the slope of your garden, the slope of your neighbours garden, the position of your seating areas and any local building rules.

Before getting stuck in, try using the length of paper of cardboard to replicate the height of the fence you are considering and see if you think it’s the right height for you.

You should try looking at this from a far and also sit in your seating area. It is a great way of deciding what is best for your garden without any permanent choices.

ii) Gate or No Gate ⛩️?

If easy access is important to you then a gate will be imperative, however, if you want security to be your number one priority then going gateless could be an option. You could install several offset fences to allow room for a path whilst also blocking the view of the street.

iii) Don’t Be Traditional

If you don’t want to go down the traditional route you could consider a stepped design in the fence. This is the perfect choice if you think having one tall fence could be too much to wrap all the way around your garden. A step down design only allows you total privacy where you need it.

For example, you could have a taller section of the fence around your seating area or hot tub and then lower the fencing in other parts of the garden.

iv) Seamless View πŸ‘€

When you want to block a strong breeze but don’t want to lose the light or obstruct the view the best option will be glass. When it comes to the height keep in mind that you will primarily need to keep the wind out of the seating area.

v) Security πŸ”’

The most important features to have for a secure fence is to have a tall height, a lack of places to grip and a lockable gate. Any fence which is installed for security should at least be 8 foot tall.

You should also choose a fence with flush boards and no horizontal rails to deter intruders from attempting to climb it.

vi) Who Let The Dogs Out πŸ•?

The first step to keeping your dogs in will be to find out if your furry friends are diggers or jumpers. A4 to 4 foot fence should be the perfect height for smaller dogs but for larger dogs the fence will need to be taller.

If your dogs are diggers, you should start the fence at least 6 inches underground to place hardscaping along the fence line to keep your little friends in the garden at all times.

vii) Blocking An Unwanted View

When your home is on a busy street or in a city a peaceful garden is more important than ever and will start with the right fence.

If you want to allow some light in, pick a fence with small gaps between the boards and your favourite plants on both sides to provide additional privacy. You could also try frosted glass as this will let the light in and also keep your garden private.

viii) Before Buying That Fence Make Sure

  • Check out your local fence company to help you with your fencing needs.Find out where your property line is. Hire a surveyor to map it out for you if you are unsure.
  • Be sure there are no underground utility lines in the way.

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