How to Choose the Right Composite Door

Choose the Right Composite Door

So, I’ve been living in my current home for 20 years and I’m looking at purchasing a brand new front door to replace my current, older one. The old door looks really tired, even since I had the double glazing replaced and had a UPVC door fitted, yet when I was told about composite doors and their benefits, I couldn’t say no. So, make sure to read on below for an article on all of the benefits of composite doors and why I chose one over a replacement uPVC door.

Super Hard-Wearing

One of the main benefits of composite doors is the fact that they are simply so hard wearing. They are made from different materials, mixed together, to form a really tough and hard-wearing door that can be completely made to measure and finished in virtually any colour. 

So, rather than just being made from plastic like most uPVC doors, a composite door will combine various materials under high pressure, creating a door which boasts a life expectancy of over 40 years.


Composite doors were specifically developed to solve common issues that are often found in traditional uPVC doors. A composite door overcomes a variety of issues which originally were commonplace with old uPVC doors. Now, composite doors comply with British Standards BS6262 and have extra tough glass for added security, a composite door should be A and A+ rated to provide greater energy efficiency with a high-density thermal insulating core.

As above, a composite door should now last 2 to 3 times longer than a uPVC door in the same environment, and in addition to that, you’ll be able to choose from a huge range of colours and door furniture. 

A Much Quieter and Therefore Comfier Space

A composite door will also help you to reduce the amount of noise in your home, especially compared to an old uPVC door. In fact, a composite door will also be much easier to clean, as they are just wiped clean. 

Composite doors also offer excellent thermal efficiency, to keep the heat inside your home and the cold out during the winter months.

What About Wooden Doors?

If you have a wooden front door, believe it or not, a composite door could also be the answer, should you be looking for a replacement. They are far cheaper to buy, just as strong as a wooden door, and also far easier to clean and keep maintained. 

In fact, when you choose to purchase a composite door, all the cleaning and maintenance you’ll have to do is wipe over the door now and then, as opposed to keeping up a regular routine of treating, varnishing, and repainting your wooden door.

In fact, when you purchase a composite door, you’ll have the choice to request a wooden finish, to retain the resemblance and style of your current front door.

Choosing a Composite Door

Composite doors are not just simple ‘front doors’ however. They are available in a huge range of styles and finishes, allowing you to match your new door to your home, such as existing cladding.

Should you find yourself in the market for a new front door, it’s definitely the case that a composite door is a good choice. They’ll offer you a range of benefits and simply just look brilliant too. What’s more, you can be sure that whatever you choose, your needs and requirements will be catered to perfectly. Thanks for reading our article, written in collaboration with Chase Garage Doors, leaders in composite doors Wolverhampton.

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