Choosing the Best Bathroom Partitions: Types and Materials

Bathroom Partitions

Privacy is a must. So, choosing suitable materials for our toilet’s partition is fundamental. However, it will make it easier to select the correct toilet partition using these strategies. Below, we will find out how to spot and what makes each type of toilet partition.

What are bathroom partitions?

Bathroom partitions differ in different ways. They come and are available in various sorts of configurations, colors, and sizes. Choosing partitions is not only about getting something to divide a larger area and so on. There’s more to choosing and installing bathroom partitions than just mindless scrolling over some plausible materials. There are also other things to consider like privacy, accessibility, and function. All of these are essential in finding and choosing the correct partition for your bathroom.

In choosing the type of bathroom partitions, there are things a consumer should consider.

Here are some of the factors buyers should take note of.

In what location would you need the partitions installed?

It’s important to note the area in which the buyer should install the bathroom partitions. Determining whether it is a church, a school, an office, or a gym would help them narrow down their choices and choose the best bathroom partitions for the specific location.

How much crowd do you assume would there be using the bathroom?

It’s good to know if the toilets will be crowded in specific locations and at certain hours. When they do, it’s easier to determine the type of material to choose.

What style are you going for?

Are you going for a particular style, or are you just up for whatever performs the best? While these are different things, both are pretty linked with each other. A customer can achieve a specific style and neglect the functionality or vice versa. It is also possible to accomplish both with the proper research and meticulous decision-making. If you’re not sure what you need, you can reach out to for professional advice.

What is your budget for the said project?

While achieving everything you conceptualized and planned inside your head is a dream, it is also essential to be realistic. Financial capability or the budget is one of the most important things to consider. As much as possible, it’s good to achieve the best you can for the price you’ve got.

These are just some of the essential things to ask yourself before buying bathroom partitions. There are still some intricacies unmentioned that need consideration. Nevertheless, a good decision always goes a long way, especially on projects like bathroom partitions installment. This kind of project is meant to last the maximum amount of time and serve the purpose it was meant to be as good as possible.

Bathroom Partitions and The Common Types of Materials Available in The Market

There are four significant types of bathroom partitions nowadays. So, it usually boils down to the amount of traffic the bathroom is assumed to undergo. Here are the most common bathroom partition types, along with their advantages and stumbling blocks.

1. Metal

This type of bathroom partition is one of the most cost-efficient and trendy types of partitions. The most popular nowadays is powder-coated steel. This exemplary color is achieved by powdering steel placing it inside an oven, almost similar to baking! After that, the applied powder is baked and incorporated on the surface.

2. Plastic Laminate

Most shops selling this type of bathroom partition offer a limited 1-year warranty on their products. This also applies most often in metal bathroom partition types. This type of partition is more expensive than metal types by 10%. The production process of this type is through gluing a laminated to a particleboard substrate. The next step would be applying a thin sheet of laminate to the sheet of metal. This type of bathroom partition is one of the most common types people see in establishments and several locations as it comes in many colors and is, most of the time, highly customizable.

3. Solid Plastic

The durable and resistant one. This type of bathroom partition is produced by putting together a one-inch thick solid plastic panel. These plastic panels usually cost almost 75% more than the previous types, namely powder coated steel partitions. These panels are also about 65% more expensive than the plastic laminate partition type. This type of partition is the one that is the most ideal for public restrooms, schools, transportation facilities, bathrooms, and other locations that accompany heavy traffic in their toilets. When you assume that the place would have many people coming in on certain days or every day, this could be the type of partition that would suit your liking. The standard warranty for this type of partition is between 10 and 15 years or more. These bathroom partitions are also solid and durable, so they are bound to stay longer and work longer. Another good quality to note is its ability to fit in and make it work in any location.

4. Stainless Steel

If you want a durable and very suitable view, stainless steel partitions are the best choice. A buyer can usually get them with engravings in the stainless panel. This makes this type of bathroom partition unique and customizable per the customer’s preference in style.

Among the mentioned common types of bathroom partitions, stainless steel is the most costly. In some cases, this type of bathroom partition price can even reach twice as much as powder-coated steel bathroom partitions. They are scratch-resistant, and they can last for a long time and clean easily. Stainless steel partitions can be used almost in any environment, including water or a scorching area.

Choosing the materials also comes with considering the location of the restroom. The traffic on the said location, the level of humidity the site is assumed to have, and other factors are also essential. To sum up, one factor is not stand-alone. There are always other things that tag along with them. While preference and style can be a customer’s priority, they still need to note other things aside from the main focus a customer has in mind.

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