What to Look For When Choosing a Painting Contractor

Choosing the right contractor for the job is essential for two main reasons. First, if you pick a wrong contractor, your project will suffer, and it will affect your other areas of your life implicitly. Second, if you choose a contractor who doesn’t have much experience or is not committed to doing good work, you’re in for a world of pain and headaches.

With that in mind, let’s look at several important tips when selecting a painting contractor.

Probably one of the most important things to look for in a painting contractor is their experience. This industry has a very high turnover rate, and this allows for many new contractors to enter the industry who have little or minimal experience and there is not much guarantee that they will do a good job. There are a few ways you can test a contractor’s experience before they’re hired for your project.

You want to find out if they are the main contractor and they have employees which he pays directly or if they are a subcontractor who received the job from someone else. The reason this is important is that you’ll need proof of insurance regardless, and you want to know who to ask for it. Next, you’ll want to see that they have a valid state issued business license. Many can do the job without a permit, but that will cause major problems that are unnecessary for your project. Never hire a painting contractor without a state issued valid business license.

Who can vouch for this contractor? Is this referral from a friend, co-worker or relative? You need some people who have worked with them in the past, and you’ll have to speak to them about the contractor personally. This can rid you of the bad ones who always leave a mess and who have bad work habits or who never show up on time or follow the agreed upon schedule. Make the calls, check the references.

How much does your contractor know about his field? Do they keep up to date with all the new techniques or technologies being used, do they know the latest trends? You’ll want to select someone who is passionate about their work, who shows interest in your project, makes suggestions and is excited to show you how they will add value to your project. Look at this as an interview. Do they want the job merely because they need the money, or do they show interest in your project and are knowledgeable about their craft?

You’ll always want to have a formal contract anytime you hire a painting contractor. This will avoid he said she said back and forth conversations.

Many homeowners will select the cheapest bid, and it is not always the best decision. Cost effective is a great thought, but to rely solely on this criteria when choosing a contractor could land you the worst one who is just desperate for the money and have little to no experience. Don’t forget, cheap does not mean the best choice.

Lastly, you’ll want to get more than one bid for each project. This will give you options.

Author’s short bio:

Jason Coke’s extensive 10 year experience in the housing industry as Nortex Painting and Gutters CEO, brings a unique vision to the painting industry on how deliver products and services to customers. Mr. Coke’s experience is diverse and includes collaboration with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area’s top interior designers and decorators. He also has been involved in construction of homes with one of the nation’s largest home builders.

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