Choosing New Bathroom Radiators

bathroom radiators

Stylish bathroom heating is a common feature in modern bathrooms. Once thought of as unnecessary luxurious indulgences, heated towel rails are found in most homes. They help add extra comfort and warmth to your bathroom, whether large or small. However, when you go out shopping for an ideal bathroom radiator, you need to consider more than just the aesthetics of a radiator.

A perfect bathroom radiator should be able to perform at least two main jobs. First, it must provide sufficient heating to make your bathroom area nice and warm. Secondly, it must have a heated towel rail to warm up and dry your towels. Heated towel rails are convenient for hanging towels as well as enhancing your bathroom experience.

Choosing  new bathroom radiators is a considerable investment that requires a lot of research and sound decision-making. Before settling on a particular radiator, you need to consider the following factors carefully.

Different Types of Bathroom Radiators

You must understand the differences between the various types of radiators available in the market. Also, you should be aware of how your plumbing can influence the right heated towel rail or radiator for your bathroom. There are three major types of radiators to choose from.

Standard radiators

A standard bathroom radiator is usually plumbed into an existing central heating system with a detached pair of radiator valves. This ensures that it will work like all other radiators in your house. However, it may have limitations during the warmer months when you may not need your central heating system at all.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators are ideal for small spaces since it is more difficult to plumb them into your central heating system. They need lesser energy to function than standard radiators. Their simple controls mean that you can easily wire them into the mains or plug them into a separate outlet.

Dual fuel radiators

As the name suggests, dual fuel radiators have both electric and central heating outputs. The ability to switch between either the central heating system during the colder months or electric output when it is warmer makes them suitable for use all year round.

Calculating British Thermal Units (BTU)

Although BTU intimidated most people, it is fairly simple to understand. Higher BTUs on your bathroom radiator indicate higher heat output. However, your radiator’s heat output is also determined by other factors, such as the placement of your radiator, the size of your bathroom, and the presence of windows. Generally, if your bathroom radiator’s BTU is less than 1000, it is only useful for warming towels instead of the whole bathroom. The easiest way to determine BTU is by referring to BTU calculators. You can use the calculators and measurements provided on product listings to pick an ideal bathroom radiator for your home.

Choosing Between a Bathroom Radiator and a Heated Towel Rail

Although some heated towel rails might be powerful enough to warm a smaller bathroom, they are mainly designed to dry your towels and keep them warm. Likewise, standard radiators are primarily designed to heat your bathroom but still warm and dry your towels. However, with many designer radiators available in the market, standard radiators could be considered as more of a fixture for your bathroom.

Different styles of Bathroom Radiators

You will find a wide range of bathroom radiators that suit any bathroom in the market. The following are some of the main differences you should consider when choosing between traditional or contemporary bathroom radiators.

Contemporary Bathroom Radiators

Modern bathroom radiators and towel rails incorporate intricate designs and stylish finishes. Although most are available in huge column designs, you will also find compact designs suitable for any modern bathroom. Due to technological innovations, designer radiators feature new, original designs without impacting the heat output.

Designer bathroom radiators are a stylish innovation as they are a functional addition to your bathroom space. Since they are available in wall-mounted or horizontal designs, they bring versatility to your bathroom. High-end radiators incorporate ladder designs featuring heated towel rail capabilities without limitations associated with BTU.

Traditional Bathroom Radiators

The most common feature of bathroom radiators is the column design style with exposed pipework. Mostly, they copy a classic Victorian look and are available in a small array of conductive finishes, usually black or white, to help their energy output.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t feel restricted when choosing your preferred finish since the color choice is mostly an aesthetic choice. Also, some traditional bathroom radiators are equipped with modern electric heating or dual fuels systems, making them suitable for a wide range of uses.

Radiator Valves

Radiators are an essential component of radiators and are available in finishes that suit their range and manufacturer. Radiator valves in your bathroom mean that you can control the heat output like a typical radiator. Which radiator valves are the best suited for bathroom radiators?

You will need straight, angled, or corner radiator valves depending on the positioning of your pipes. While straight valves are ideal for pipework mounted on the wall, angled valves work with pipework on your bathroom floor. On the other hand, corner radiator valves can be used to hide unsightly pipework and create a flush finish in your bathroom.

Additionally, you have to choose between manual and thermostatic radiator valves. Thermostatic valves, in most cases, indicate a temperature setting that does not need constant intervention. They are more common in modern bathrooms. Comparatively, manual radiator valves require user input to regulate their heat output. Although putting them on and off can be tiresome, they help you save on energy bills in the long term as they are constantly monitored.

When it comes to bathroom radiators, there is a wide range of products to choose from. Ensure that you pick a radiator as a focal point or have it blend into the background depending on your bathroom scheme and the size of the room. Traditional towel rails and radiators look stunning in any setting, while modern ones feature attractive and intricate designs. It would be best to let professionals install your bathroom radiators and towel rails to avoid accidents and costly mistakes. 

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