Why is Cleaning Your Home Rain Gutters Important?

Cleaning your gutters may not be at the top of your list of home repair and renovation goals, but it is important to do so daily. But it is an important home improvement task.

Can you do it yourself?

Well, any work at height is dangerous and should be left to professionals. Working off a ladder and holding a bucket is unsafe. Having your gutters cleaned by a professional gutter cleaning company in Melbourne is the best way to go.

Rain gutters are designed to do a simple but vital job. They may go unnoticed but gutters catch and steer rainwater from the roof, down into the sewer, and away from the house, avoiding possible structural damage. Gutter repairs can be costly if they get clogged or destroyed.

What damage can blocked rain gutters cause?

The fascia is the board that runs next to your gutter and runs behind it. This critical part of your gutter system. The fascia boards can become wet and damp if they are made of wood. This can cause dampness on the inside of your walls and roof.

Since clogged gutters are carrying so much weight, the brackets can be damaged. This can result in replacing the whole gutter system which would be much more expensive than gutter cleaning.

There are many other possible repairs so it is important to have your gutters inspected and cleaned regularly. Not the purpose of this article to list all the ways your home could be damaged by your gutters not working properly. But to help you see the importance of maintenance.

How regular should you have your gutters cleaned?

It would depend on where you live. If you live in a green, leafy area. You may find that your gutters get full quicker than in an urban area.

But a rough guide, we would usually suggest cleaning your gutters twice a year, once in late spring and then in early autumn. It is best to speak to your local professional gutter cleaning company. 

They will be able to evaluate your property and explain how often you need your gutters cleaned and why. Nearby trees are a big factor in gutters getting full quicker because in autumn leaves will fall on your roofs and into your gutters.

One heavy rain and you soon see rainwater overflowing. Truclean Plus Ltd is a trusted gutter cleaner in Manchester and you can speak to them for any advice on gutter maintenance. 

How do you clean gutters, the right way?

Working from a height is the number one cause of injury at work and working off a ladder with a bucket full of water and mud is very dangerous.

We would recommend using a professional who has the health and safety there and the insurance. Many gutter cleaning companies will use a high powered vacuum machine to clear the debris.

This gutter vac is designed to suck any wet or dry dirt from the gutter channels using modular poles that connect. With different adaptors and tools attached to the top of the pole to reach different types of gutters. The rainwater and dirt are then collected in a big container and removed safely.

Never having to use a ladder! How do they know if they have cleaned the gutters completely?

The gutter cleaning company will use a camera attached to the top of the pole and record the clean.

At times it might be necessary to use a ladder to unblock a downpipe or repair a leaking gutter joint. Before using any ladder the cleaner will check that a ladder is stable and that all of the steps are in decent working order before ascending it. To check if the ground is clear, climb the first two levels and only when it is safe to do so.

How much does it cost to clean gutters?

The price can vary across the country but to give you some idea. Cleaning the guttering on a two-story semi-detached house would cost about £100. The actual cost of the job is often affected by the scale and form of guttering. 

There may be additional costs for small repairs and replacement parts. Many professional gutter cleaning companies will also offer fascia and soffit cleaning. That will improve the appearance of your home.

Washing the outside of your gutters will remove algae and mould built up over years. Bringing your facia back to looking like new again. Just ask your gutter cleaning company if they include the facia washing in the price. 

Thank you for reading this article about gutter cleaning. It is an important task in keeping your home well maintained and it does not have to cost the earth to clear the rain gutters regularly. Saving you money in costly repairs.

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  • Wow, it’s quite impressive to see how the equipment of a professional gutter cleaning company can make the process easy. We have a large gutter system that we rely on to protect our house from major rainstorms, but the recent weather has really gotten it mucky and dirty. I wasn’t confident in my ability to clean it myself, so I’ll take your advice and look for a gutter specialist in my area so they can clean it better.

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