7 Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid Next Time

Cleaning is never a fun activity. No matter how much you hate it, you need to do it on a regular basis to lead a healthy life. When cleaning our homes, we make some mistakes which we should avoid. I have narrowed down 7 cleaning mistakes you must avoid next time.

1. Placing Unrinsed Toilet Brush back in the holder

This cleaning tool is probably often neglected to get cleaned because of the reason that it does the dirty job for you. It could be an easy target for bacteria to breed if you leave it wet and unclean. Always remember to clean your toilet brush and let it dry for a few minutes before placing it back to the holder.

2. Cleaning electronic gadgets with Chemicals

Electronic gadgets are delicate and can be easily damaged if it gets in contact with unsafe cleaning agents. Using chemical sprays could potentially harm the gadget permanently. If unsure of what cleaning product to use for cleaning your electronic products, make sure to read the instruction manual and follow it. It’s better to use the spray on a clean microfiber cloth to wipe your gadget or just use a duster to clean it.

3. Using Unclean cleaning tools

The most common cleaning tools such as sponges, brush, towel or mops can easily be a breeding ground for bacteria. So make sure you clean them before using them. Otherwise, it will just accumulate more dirt and harmful bacteria that can be distributed around your house. Certainly, no one wants that to happen, so always remember to clean them at least once a week to remove the smelly odor and germs.

4. Cleaning the dishes with unreplaced Sponge

People tend to forget to clean their sponges and repeatedly use them for washing the dishes. One way to clean it is by washing it in the dishwasher. To prolong its life, you can place it in a microwave for at least 1 minute. This can help kill bacteria that can multiply rapidly and avoid spreading it all over your dishes. If the sponge starts to break, it’s time for you to replace it with a new one.

5. Scrubbing bare-handed

Human skin can easily absorb almost anything it can come in contact with which may cause irritation and dryness. Scrubbing bare-handed is a big no-no! It may be not a big deal but it can potentially harm your skin. Cross-contamination can also surface so better use some gloves for protection especially when you’re scrubbing using toxic chemicals.

6. Disregarding your trash bin

How often do you clean your trash bins? Is it the number of times we use them every day? Horrified by your answer? Well, check it out now! Forgetting to clean them may harbor more garbage juices and germs. Take your dirty bins outside and clean them with warm soapy water for at least once a week. Then let it soak for awhile, throw out the water and let it completely dry. Doing this can kill any bacteria and remove the unwanted smell.

7. Applying too much cleaning product

You think using more cleaning product is better? Well, think again. Check the recommended amount of usage that is indicated on the label. The recommendation may help you save money and not wasting too much product that may create buildup on any surface you are cleaning. There is actually no rule of thumb on how much cleaning product you should use. Just keep in mind that it will be tougher to clean any residue buildup by using more.


These are some common cleaning mistakes we make. Make sure you avoid making these mistakes next time you clean your house. If you want to have a clean house like new, hiring a maid company can be a great way to see professionals clean your house.


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