Clever Ways to Use Flowers Around the House


One of the best things about owning a home or renting an apartment is being able to decorate it however you want. There are plenty of different ways to decorate your home, from bringing in unique furniture, changing up the paint, and filling a home with whatever decor your style and personality calls for.

But one of the best options when it comes to decorating your home is certainly to use flowers. Whether you get them from an online flower shop, or pick them from your yard, these flowers are a welcomed addition to any home.

Flowers can instantly bring smiles to people’s faces, improve the look of any room, and many of them smell great, too. Flowers can and also be used in a variety of different ways to improve the look and feel of a home. This article is going to go through a few of them.

Display Them on Shelves, Desks, and Tables

One of the best flower and plant decorating ideas for your home is to simply put some fresh flower arrangements or bouquets on display around your home. They look great on shelves, tables, desks, mantles, and just about anywhere else they will fit.

Depending on which flowers you get, different things can be achieved. Some flowers can make your space look bright and cheerful, others can help a space look more natural and outdoorsy. Some flowers can even make your home more peaceful and make it a calm place to relax and hang out.

No matter which room you put them in, flowers can look incredible. They will be commonly seen in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices.

Cook With Them

If you want to truly get creative and clever with how you use flowers in your home, why not cook with them? That’s right, there are many different ways in which cooking with edible flowers is possible. You can add them to a salad, can be used in oils and jellies, can be candied, and are often used as a garnish to add some color and/or uniqueness to a meal.

Of course, before cooking with flowers, be sure to find out which flowers are edible and which are not. Plenty are fine to eat, others may not taste great, and some can even be harmful to consume. Also, it is a good idea to learn a little more about what certain flowers taste like before adding to a dish. Many are sweet, but some can be spicy, bitter, or even taste like mint!

Dry Them Out

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While fresh flowers are popular for using in and around your home, there is a growing trend of using dried flowers. These can be flowers you dry yourself, but it’s even possible to purchase flowers that have already been dried. There are a couple different benefits of dried flowers for decor.

First of all, they will often last much longer than fresh flowers, meaning you can display them for more time without having to replace them. Also, whereas many fresh flowers are very bright and vibrant, dried flowers are generally more neutral and pale in color. This can be great for those who prefer subtly in their plants and flowers.

In many homes, it can even look great to use and mix both fresh and dried flowers, so don’t be scared to experiment. Click here for dried flower decor.

Create Art With Them

Another great idea for using flowers in your home is to create art with them. There are no limits when it comes to what a creative mind can come up with in terms of floral art. Flower pots can be hung from ceilings, and fresh flowers can be dried, pressed and put into frames. These are only a few of the dozens of different crafts and projects you can use flowers in.

Feel free to get as creative as you want with the type of floral art you create once your flowers are on their last legs. These can make brilliant one of a kind pieces, that get you much more bang for your buck from your flowers, than if you simply threw them out once they began to wilt.

Build a Centerpiece

Whether you are having a dinner party, or simply want your dining room to look incredible, adding a centerpiece to your table is a great way to do it. These can be small or large, and look just about any way that you’d like. In many cases, people will decide to add some fresh flowers into their centerpiece. 

This can look stunning, and really bring the room together. Feel free to use any flowers you like, in any configuration you’d like. This centerpiece can also change with the seasons, too. The way it looks and the flowers can be changed out from fall, to winter, to spring, and even summer. However you decide to make it, having some fresh flowers, dried flowers, plants, or other greenery in your centerpiece is sure to look incredible.

Make Use of Unique Containers or Vases

This tip is not so much about the flowers themselves, but the vessel that a flower sits in. While many people will simply use vases for flowers, flowers can technically go in anything. This ranges from mason jars, to baskets, to pots, to old watering cans, and just about anything else.

These sitting out and about without flowers in them can look a little out of place. But if you add flowers to these containers, these unique pieces become a brilliant-looking piece of art. Flowers give you a perfect reason to bring in some very interesting containers and vases into your space, which are sure to draw a lot of attention and look great in the process.

In conclusion, all of these are incredibly clever ways that you can use flowers in and around your house. They are far from the only options, but are some of the best to ensure that flowers play a predominant role in the design of your home.

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